Bread and Jam

In my last care package from home, I received about a dozen packets of active dry yeast. Until yesterday, I had been hesitant to attempt making a bread recipe requiring yeast, but we can all rest easily now… mission accomplished.

I do enjoy baking. As you know, I have made several things – cookies, breads, ect. A while back, I came across this recipe which called for sour cream. We have sour cream here… granted, it’s a little more tart than American sour cream (I think the Costco imports this brand from somewhere like Sweden or Germany or something), but in a fix, it does the job. Yes, a dollop on those carne adovada burritos works just fine, actually.

So, last night, after spending the later part of the morning and early afternoon girly shopping with a friend from work (thank you Grace, for translating!!), and recouping my poor feet, I set Jason and I to work.

Using one of the cool baking thermometers his folks sent me, I made sure the water for the yeast was just right. Poured in the yeast and fed it some sugar. Jason got to mix the sour cream and dry ingredients while we waiting the requisite 10 minutes for the yeast to grow (they grow, right?).

Then I poured the yeast mixture into the flour mixture and boy, that was fun. I had to knead the dough for TEN minutes… it was slimy and gross and we ended up adding, I would wager, about two more cups of flour before it was the right consistency.

Let rise for 1 hour.

Punch down dough and knead for an additional five minutes. Form into the shape of a loaf and place in bread pan for 45 more minute to rise even more. Ok, we did that. This is what we got:

The finished product
Nom Nom
Too hot, but too good to resist
Cooked Inside
Enjoying fresh bread

Jason opted for a slice with butter, while I spread on the jam I made using this recipe. Sooo good!


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