Long time, no…

Wow, it’s been nearly 2 months since my last posting here. I can’t believe how fast that time just slipped by. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to talk about; I am an American living in S. Korea after all… there are loads of things to talk about.

Let’s see, last month I went to my second traditional Korean style wedding. While the first one was held in Seoul, this second one, for my friends Jini (Korean) and Luca (Italian), took place in Andong (about a three or four hours drive south/east of Seoul).

Luca arranged for all of the guests and members of the wedding party to take an intracity bus down there. Along with the 16 people (including Jason and my self, Luca, his sister, her Korean-Italian translator, and other friends from Seoul and Europe) there were maybe 10 other people on the bus.

As I tend to get motion sickness in vehicles I am not driving, it was not the most fun. The general scenery was lovely, rolling hills and random smaller cities. We left late in the afternoon and didn’t get into Andog until 7 or 8 (it’s been a month, I can’t remember).

Upon our arrival, the 16 of us piled into personal and rented vehicles arranged by Jini and her family. We went to Jini’s families restaurant where we were served a lovely Korean meal of bibimbap (sp) and other treats.

The bride and groom to be were MIA for this. Although, Jini’s dad and other older male relatives had a fun time pouring every one shots of soju. At one point, I thought I was safe from soju (yuck) because I had a class of wine. No luck. Jini’s dad did leave me be after he poured a shot of soju into my wine, and I then proceeded to throw it back in a single gulp. Even Jason was surprised (I don’t usually drink much here).

I wasn’t too drunk, but after dinner (and mind you we’d been on a bus for four hours and most of us just want to sleep) we all (Jini and Luca included this time) went to a pub owned by a cousin of Jini’s for some pre-wedding wedding cake and beer (no beer for me though).

We did eventually get to our hotel (complete with super heated floors and huge jacuzzi tub) and go to bed.

The wedding (see pictures on FB) was really cool. Jason and the other groom’s men were hauled away and made to wear traditional style clothes. Jini was carried in inside a box and had to hide most of her face from Luca (traditional). There were even a pari of freaked-out live chickens, shivering and trembling throughout the entire ceremony.

All in all, it was pretty cool.

At this point, I am going to stop… I feel a migraine growing… I’ll try to finish this up soon.