I realize that it’s been an exceptionally long time since my last blog. I pretty much found myself overwhelmed at work and pretty much going through the motions: Wake up at 6, hop in the shower, maybe grab some breakfast, get dressed in less than ideal clothing since I’ve not been back to the States in over a year and, well, you try being in double-digit sizes in a country of an average size of 4. It’s really hard, if not impossible to find clothes here. And, when you do, you have to buy chintzy quality at best (read: it will fall apart in about two weeks). To continue on with my mundane routine, I walk to the bus stop(this is a fairly recent development since I can get off the bus really close to our apartment) and wait for the 340 bus, usually packed full (ridiculously full, uncomprehendingly full) of commuters and students. Just this morning I let two busses pass me because they were too full to even make an attempt. One stop after mine is a middle school where roughly 70% of the passengers will get off (yes, all little kids going to school since they don’t have school busses here either) and can then enjoy the rest of the ride. 20 minutes later, I am at my stop and walk the 7 minutes up a mild hill to my office. Then I sit (another reason I am in double-digit sizes) for about 8 hours of my 9 hour work day.  Then I walk to the bus, ride it home, and have dinner. You get the idea.

This is not to say that every day, or even every hour, is this sad, but it can get rather daunting. After all that monotony, it’s hard to really find the mental or physical strength to leave the house to explore the city (via bus or subway) on the weekend. After a full week of dealing with obscene deadlines (yes, obscene and offensive at times), interoffice communication issues, and still finding the time to nurture a relationship, find time for myself (reading, learning Spanish, knitting)…

At the end of the week, I just want a foot massage from Jason, some alone time with him and to just not think. It’s really hard to read a book when you have to read pages and pages of manuscripts everyday. It’s SUPER hard to learn Spanish in Korea. It’s doubly hard to maintain close friendships from so far away. And, to still consider a diet and exercise… I just sigh. I know that other people can do this, that I need to find my stride, take it like a man, whatever. I’m just tired… I need… more coffee. Thank goodness for the umpteen billion shops here.

I better end this rant before it turns into a long diatribe about coffee. By the way… decaf is gross.


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