Wow, I just wrote a blog not 5 minutes ago, and I am now writing another.

About two weekends ago, I found a recipe for pumpkin cookies. I have been in the pumpkin mood since the beginning of the month. Living in Korea makes it a bit difficult to find that particular veggie, however. They aren’t really big on Halloween and Thanksgiving is, after all, a US holiday. While Christmas is gaining momentum, the Western idea of a Christmas dinner isn’t so popular. In a nutshell… no pumpkin puree, no pumpkin pie.

They do have harbor squash here though. It is essentially an equal substitute for the kind of pumpkin used in pies and other tasty desserts. So, that was a fun process… steam the squash (two of them) in our very small vegetable steaming cage, puree them in a food processor, then add them to the other ingredients. Whala, taste’s like pumpkin.

The recipe I used is here, and any site you can find with instruction for puree is good. It’s pretty simple if you use a microwave or vegetable steamer. It takes a lot longer if you bake the squash.

Sorry, no pictures, they were eaten too fast! Boyfriend and co-workers really loved them though.


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