Halloween Inspired Popcorn Balls

Being in Korea sometimes makes it difficult to enjoy American holidays such as Halloween. While founded under the guise of ancient pagan rituals or in celebration of family members who’ve passed on, Halloween has become almost as American as that apple pie everyone seems to love. It’s a fun time of year, whether you’re dressing up, decorating, going trick or treating, hitting up the occasional party, or even indulging in a horror film marathon, there is something fun and exciting for everyone.

This year, aside from an extensive World of Warcraft world event, Jason and I really had nothing going on.

Last month, on our monthly trek to Costco, I found the most amazing item…Marshmallows! Imagine our surprise when it was waiting for me to grab it in the same aisle as the Korean equivalent of a huge jar of peanut butter. Needless to say, a giant bag of large marshmallows was a super score.

Initially we’d considered smoores, they have these cookies here that are like graham crackers coated with chocolate, which Jason instantly thought of upon seeing the marshmallows. I had other plans.

The recipe here looked really easy, and since most popcorn ball recipes call for corn syrup, it was a real find. So, today, we made them. Jason made the popcorn (he’s better at it than I), and then I made the marshmallow “sauce”.

They turned out really good. I do recommend having a glass of water on hand, however.

Note: we also made carne adovada today, so you see some of that in these pictures… probably not the best idea to mix the flavors…unless you want to.


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