Orange You Glad?

It’s the Lunar New Year, or 설날 in Korean, and my company gifted everyone with a 3 kilogram box of oranges (hallabongs) from Jeju island. These are special oranges that taste amazing.

Hallabong from Jeju

The only problem with receiving such a gift, is that there only two people in my household and 3 kg of oranges is A LOT. Actually it was ten oranges, but we couldn’t eat nearly that many. So, I sought out recipes. I usually begin my searches on AllRecipes or JoyOfBaking, but they didn’t give me any solid leads aside from orange smoothies, orange marmalade, and orange chicken (more on these later). So I went to my backup, YouTube.

I found an awesome poster who submitted this great recipe. I didn’t have a cake pan, so I improvised and the result was one and a half dozen cupcakes (we still have 6 left) and they are SUPER tasty. I especially loved how I made the entire batter in my food processor. A fantastic WIN.

But, what to do with the rest? Over the last week, we ate all but four oranges and with those oranges… jam. Last year, I made strawberry jam with just the berries and sugar. Today, I simply substituted the strawberries with oranges. It was actually quite simple.

Not wanting to waste any part of my orange, I used my box cheese grater to get the zest of all the oranges, which I then set to dry in my oven at about 100C (just over 200F). I can use the dried zest later in a variety of recipes.

I sliced up the oranges (with a bit of their peel still on) and mixed them with the sugar over medium-low heat for nearly an hour, until the orange/sugar mixture reduced. The end result was just about 600 grams of orange jam.

Jam is nice to make because you don’t need preservatives (like pectin which is something I am not even going to attempt to look for in Korea), and if you’re canning, all you need is a hot water bath (ie place your jam-filled jar in boiling water, let the water return to a boil, then remove) this site is lovely. Jason and I also have a few books on the topic, purchased happily from Amazon.  

This jar in the picture is actually 400 grams worth, so the rest is sitting in a plastic container. I plan on making this tomorrow night for dinner and will use the jam in place of marmalade since the jam was made with some of the orange peel. I will let you know how it turned out.


3 responses to “Orange You Glad?

  1. I live in Andalucia so have mountains of oranges too! I was thinking of making an orange curd as I have just finished a jar of mandarin jam I made with the pile of mandarins I had!!

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