Squeezing In…

So, as most of you who know me… know… I have been struggling with my weight for years… decades even. And while the numbers on the scale fluctuate weekly, in my mind I am constantly battling myself.

Living in a foreign country, albeit a very healthy-eating one, and working (read, sitting on my butt) for 9ish hours a day has not helped me drop the weight. I have, actually, packed them on… culture shock (both Korean culture and work culture) has resulted in my desperate need to conserve the clothes I have.

When you’re over weight in a country where you don’t speak or read the language, in a country where the average size of women is about a 4, it’s common sense to write home, ask for staples like big-girl clothes from the the big-girl stores. But, when you only have one pair of jeans (because you’re an idiot and only asked for one pair) it’s a bit difficult not to wear the heck out of them… gaping holes be damned, I’m wearing my jeans!

A few months back, I decided that gaping holes in my jeans was not so great, so I ordered three pairs of jeans from L.L. Bean. While the hip measurements were a tad bigger than the hip measurement of my holy jeans, the waist was a tad smaller. This, due to the fack that Torrid is targeting 20-30 somethings, and the Bean leans toward the older crowd.

When I got my three pairs, even with their smaller waists (I figures that the Torrid jeans were a bit bigger than I needed in that area, so the smaller dimensions would actually be JUST right) I was excited. Until I tried them on… or rather, until I tried to try them on. So I had three pairs of jeans that if I tried REALLY hard, I could get them buckled… but I would not be able to undo them for the whole day. And I would lose a little bit of feeling in my lower extremities. And I would have a little bit of a hard time breathing. Sooo, they were folded up nicely and placed in my armoire and left alone.

Fast forward. Jason proposed to me on February 12 atop the Seoul Tower. Damnit, I need to lose weight for my wedding!

That being said, I still find it difficult to find my motivation. I’m more interested in counting down our time in Seoul, planning our move, watching Dr. Who. But in the back of my mind… it’s there. Tamara (Tammy-as I tend to refer to my nickname) you need to get serious. And I sporadically get serious.

I’m not condoning this sort of dieting. I have every intention of rejoining my belovedDefined Fitness when I get home and hiking the foot hills which are conveniently located a mere 1-2 miles from my front door. I will eat better. For now, I’m lazy and lose my focus.


Today I squeezed into a pair of my Bean pants. And it doesn’t hurt to breath. I can buckle them like a normal person (ie not writhing on the bed until they button up). I feel good. Good enough to work harder. Good enough to think that while I may be chubby (even a chubby bride), I can get healthier.

Just 377 More Planning Days Left…

until our wedding, and what have I got to show for it? Not too much.

It’s quite difficult to think about planning a wedding from over 6,000 miles away. But, we have settled on a few things, and we’re quite happy with the amount of love and support we’ve received in the form of offers from friends. One friend has offered to do our invitations, while another has offered to do the flowers. We just need a friend to offer to make the cake… hint hint, but just kidding.

We have picked out our colors, tentatively… since the wedding will be in April, we’re going with some pretty purples and greens. We even have our cake topper (not giving away the surprise).

But, the real planning won’t begin until we’re back in the states where we can easily tour venues, taste food, sample wine, go shopping and try on clothes. Because… the DJ won’t talk to me unless I call him, and apparently people don’t like to email their correspondence.

I considered just continuing on this blog for that as well. But I feel like I need a fresh new page to discuss the trials and triumphs that is/will be the planning of our wedding. So, I will keep up with this blog to talk about my foodie endeavors, but you can follow along here for all wedding-related goodness.

The Knot

is a website I frequent (and am subscribed to) which has allowed me access to a pretty easy guestlist tool. I can insert names and addresses, spouces & significant others, children.

One of the tools this site also has is a “build-your-own-inspiration-board” tool. While quite fun to toy around with your bridal colors and styles, the site is LACKING in the ease of use department, particularaly with regard to accessing previously made boards. Case-in-point…I saved the links to two of these boards on my “Jason and Tamara Wedding” google doc a while ago. I had intended on sharing these boards with you all, but…alas…they are not accessable. I tryed to BS my way through creating a new one, so I could look over my previous ones, but to no avail. Of course, now that I check again, it works… sorta. So, please have a look (if you can) at my inspiration boards.

En Situ

Things are starting to really fall into place for us as we get closer and closer to our TOD (time of departure).

First of all, our baby kittens have reached Albuquerque. They are spending the night with my aunt, uncle, cousins, three cat cousins, and three dog cousins before reaching their final destination at my parents’ home. There they will be greeted even more animal siblings. They weathered a journey west from Korea (over two and a half continents!) to Denver via cargo plane, then a 7+ hour drive from Denver to Albuquerque. Kudos to our very well-adjusted boys, for not only did they ride separated (first time they have been apart in their entire 11 months) on the planes (plane change in Frankfurt, Germany), they met a myriad of new animals along the way. Still, they come away unscathed. This makes for two very proud and happy pet owners.

Getting Abner and Ebenezer back to the states was probably our biggest concern. We can go ahead and cross that off our list.

Yesterday I managed to find two very inexpensive airline tickets for Jason and me to Los Angeles. Air China departing from Seoul on July 30th, short hop to Beijing, then on to LA. Because LA is about 16 hours behind Seoul, we land ten minutes after we depart. In the general scheme of things, I think this idea of gaining a whole day is pretty awesome. We are probably going to crash at a Marriott that night, because … after 16 hours of travel, we’ll be jet lagged, and Jason doesn’t want us to end up burned to death in a heaping wreck of a rental car. I still have to make our reservations, but I plan on doing that next month (one major expenditure at a time, please).

I also (because I am super awesome) managed to secure a rental car for our drive from LA to Albuquerque. Now, a quick note… the reason we’re driving from LA is (well, there are two reasons) 1. it’s cheaper to land in LA, rent a car for two days and drive that it is to fly to ABQ by about $400. and 2. after spending 12 hours on a plane, 2 hours in china, 2 hours on the plane before that, we won’t really be in the mood for getting accosted by the security check points between terminals. Thanks, but no thanks.

What is left?

We need to begin shipping things home; this includes various art, clothes, shoes, small furniture (like an Asian table that folds smaller and the parts to a cat scratching post), and a few minor things. We need to buy two bike bags so we can get our bikes onto the plane as checked luggage. We need to find homes for all our furniture (a couch, a bed, shelves, armoires, dressers, coffee table, vanity…), electronics (oven, coffee maker, TV, alarm clocks, hair equipment, computer monitors, etc.), and a variety of housewares and spices. We plan on having various foreigner co-workers take what they want. I say foreigner because usually the Koreans don’t do “second-hand.”

Then we go. We will have to buy a pre-paid cell phone in LA as well, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to find. We’re also making our stopping point on driving  day 1 be Las Vegas so we can visit a friend who’s offered to feed us… can’t say no to that!

I think we’re well on our way to getting things wrapped up out here in Seoul.


It’s been about three weeks since my last post (that really sounds like I’m confessing to a priest in a confessional) and I feel extremely guilty for not keeping it up. I was doing that “post a week 2011” up until then. Well, I guess I can possibly make it up by posting a few extra posts this week.

Quick Updates:

In case those of you who are unaware, Jason and I did get engaged…officially… on Valentine’s weekend. We’re incredibly excited and anxious to get ourselves back home in August so we can really start planning.

We’re more than likely sending the boys home next week. We’ll miss them tremendously, but are SO glad we can have them home with us in ABQ.

We’re going to be spending about a week in Tokyo next month. Jason has been to Japan before, but it will be my first time. We’re excited. We’ll be hanging out with some good friends and seeing the sights, eating the food, and having a good time.

I think that’s about it for now. Not very exciting the last few weeks, I’m sorry to say. I will try to have more to write on very soon.