Just 377 More Planning Days Left…

until our wedding, and what have I got to show for it? Not too much.

It’s quite difficult to think about planning a wedding from over 6,000 miles away. But, we have settled on a few things, and we’re quite happy with the amount of love and support we’ve received in the form of offers from friends. One friend has offered to do our invitations, while another has offered to do the flowers. We just need a friend to offer to make the cake… hint hint, but just kidding.

We have picked out our colors, tentatively… since the wedding will be in April, we’re going with some pretty purples and greens. We even have our cake topper (not giving away the surprise).

But, the real planning won’t begin until we’re back in the states where we can easily tour venues, taste food, sample wine, go shopping and try on clothes. Because… the DJ won’t talk to me unless I call him, and apparently people don’t like to email their correspondence.

I considered just continuing on this blog for that as well. But I feel like I need a fresh new page to discuss the trials and triumphs that is/will be the planning of our wedding. So, I will keep up with this blog to talk about my foodie endeavors, but you can follow along here for all wedding-related goodness.


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