The Knot

is a website I frequent (and am subscribed to) which has allowed me access to a pretty easy guestlist tool. I can insert names and addresses, spouces & significant others, children.

One of the tools this site also has is a “build-your-own-inspiration-board” tool. While quite fun to toy around with your bridal colors and styles, the site is LACKING in the ease of use department, particularaly with regard to accessing previously made boards. Case-in-point…I saved the links to two of these boards on my “Jason and Tamara Wedding” google doc a while ago. I had intended on sharing these boards with you all, but…alas…they are not accessable. I tryed to BS my way through creating a new one, so I could look over my previous ones, but to no avail. Of course, now that I check again, it works… sorta. So, please have a look (if you can) at my inspiration boards.


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