Let the Planning…Begin

It’s officially 365 days until our nuptials, and my head is not quite spinning, yet. After today, we get to say that our wedding is less than a year away.

As I contemplated what I would write about on this very exciting (for me, anyway) day, I found that I haven’t really done a lot in the way of thinking about the more intricate details. Sure, I have skimmed through the “pages” of online wedding paraphernalia like the knot and wedding bee, but even as I shared my inspiration boards with you all last time, I didn’t necessarily feel committed to any one thing on those pages.

Accept the colors, those are already well established. Purple is MY color, and it goes well with green (unless it’s October, in which case purple also goes well with orange…but the wedding is in April, so green it is). And, our wedding cake toppers… which are the BOMB (still not sharing that one… it’s a surprise!). Oh, and Jason insists on a keg. Anyway.

Will this be me? Not likely.

Today I thought a long time about what my style is…actually. I’m pretty much Plain Jane, a jeans and a T-shirt kinda girl. But, when I think about style and sophistication, I think of Audrey Hepburn(naturally, and who wouldn’t?). So, I’ve decided that I want Audrey hair for my wedding day.

Style and Sophistication

I figured this image of Audrey Hepburn was a little more chic than what she is more iconically known for (Holly Golightly), and it would be a lovely style for the flowers I want in my hair.

Speaking of the flowers, these are violets. They are the flower of February birthdays. This works well for us, as Jason happens to have been born in February. The flower for December (my birth month) is the narcissus. Lovely as it is, it makes me think of the movie “Black Narcissus” whose plot line isn’t really in the same vein as my wedding. Great movie though.
So, with still a year to plan (and move 6,000+ miles back home) I am resting happily assured that at least my hair will look amazing and classic.

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