Getting Political Up in Here

When I created our wedding website I wanted to include some gift registries at stores I liked. How fun is it to surf the Internet, pick out cool things like bread makers, dinnerware (service for eight), and bath towels? It’s A LOT of fun. Especially because we don’t have to pay for most of it, our wonderful friends and family do. Call me crazy, but I like presents.

So, I signed us up at two stores–Target and William-Sonoma.

Unfortunately, Jason came across a bit of news that we both found rather upsetting. Apparently, Target donated over $100,000 to a Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate. That’s all well and good, but he (Tom Emmer) was running on a STRONG anti-gay platform. Fortunately this guy lost the race, but the damage to Target was longer lasting.

Last month, Lady Gaga (who I can honestly say I feel very neutral toward in general) pulled her deal with the company. What is even MORE newsworthy, is that Target was actually given a score of 100 (out of a possible 100) by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) prior to the company’s donation. The score reflects the company’s approval rating for their treatment of LGBT employees.

What does this mean for Jason and I? It means that we wrote a letter to Target. In the letter we let them know that we felt uncomfortable having a registry with a company who supported inequality at the level Tom Emmer does. We asked them to delete our registry account (since there is no apparent way of doing so by a user). I also pulled the link from our wedding website.

Today I did a little research into William-Sonoma. They have not responded to the HRC’s request to be polled. So, while they may be, in reality, a wonderful employer for LGBT employees, we’re not privy to that information at this time. I haven’t pulled their link yet, we’re still registered there, because we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt. The company is a well-documented supporter of human rights.

For our part, we ask that our friends and family buy gifts from local, Mom and Pop, businesses. We’re not expecting everyone to rush out to the local farmers markets. Just, be aware of who you’re giving your money to. After all, it really is the thought that counts.


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