The Anti-Bride

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am the Anti-Bride… but I kinda feel like I’m not as giddy about the whole being-a-bride thing.

A few points to ponder as we close in on our departure from Seoul:

1. My soon-to-be sister-in-law (wow, way too many hyphens there) sent me THREE bride/wedding mags. There are well over a thousand dresses in them. I liked four. Maybe five, and three of those are for my bride’s maids. The fiancée says it’s because I am picky. That may well be true, but still… hello?! Where are my girly genes?

2. My aunt is helping plan our honeymoon. And it’s going to be an amazing and romantic one. But, I’ve missed two online “appointments” with her to really hash out the details. Granted, the honeymoon is about a year away, but still. . .

3. I’m all over the green and purple motif, but I still have no real clue what it will include. I even build an inspiration board on Etsy. Seriously, too many options don’t help me. Lovely to look at though.

4. Finally, that whole Royal Wedding business. My mom  in Albuquerque got up at 2am to watch, and I really thought it had been on Tuesday (until I found out otherwise on Thursday). So, last night, my adorable mother and I skyped about the wedding. I didn’t even watch the ceremony because I was fiddling with etsy. I eventually tuned in onBBC and found the processional a bit anticlimactic. I wasn’t gaga over Catherine’s (Duchess of Cambridge) dress. I mean, it’s lovely and wedding-y…but meh. Even my fiancée was impressed with the carriages and regalia, not me…not so much.

Anyhow, this all kinda makes me sad.


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