A New Approach

OK, I’ve admitted defeat. Maintaining three blogs wasn’t working out. So, I’ve merged them. Well, I merged my wedding blog and my everyday living blog. I decided to just use Facebook for the book club, since no one was using the blog anyway.

What I am planning to do, in order to blog more regularly–which I had started out the year trying to do anyway–is write a few times a week. I want to cover wedding stuff on a given day, foodie stuff on another day, everyday stuff on (you guessed it) yet another day. I figure if most of the bloggers I’ve subscribed to can post multiple times a week (sometimes multiple times a day!), so can I.

With our wedding only ten months (holy crap, are you kidding me??) away, I need to find time to plan and schedule tastings and visits with vendors. Oy Vey!

As the last few weeks of Seoul-living wind to a close, I do want to share a little more of our lives here in the big city. I will be uploading a few of my favorite things of Korea in the next few days, so be on the look out!

To help keep me honest on my pursuit of a healthier, fitter body, I will also be sharing some of the food I’m eating (aside from the strange junk food only found here, Korean food is a staple nearly every day during the work week and some weekends as well) and the exercising I’m doing (here in the city that means the walks and occasional bike rides I go on, but once I get home, gym routines and running will be added).

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2 responses to “A New Approach

  1. I’m super excited! I never planned a wedding, I can live vicariously through you! I’m also on board with the foodieisim and exersize! I’m excited to read all of the other great stuff also, cheers!

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