Social Vibes

So, this whole blogging multiple times a week sure is easy!

Today is Monday, and I am off work because it’s Korean Memorial Day. On today’s agenda is cleaning and preparing the house so we can have the movers come out to give us an estimate later this week, and a bike ride.

As expected, I still got up relatively early this morning. I’m not sure why I get up so early on my days off, but I do. It’s sad. After the normal business of waking up was finished, I clicked on the computer and went to work reading my subscriptions. My regular rotation of blogs includes Clean Eating Chelsey, Kath Eats Real Food, Cook Eat Live Vegetarian, and Ginger Couturier: Trapped in Suburbia as well as others, but these ladies (yes, all ladies–I think all my subscribed to blogs are written by ladies, hmm) post the most often.

Today, as I was reading Ginger’s blog (I want to try that cobbler now, too!) and nearing the end, I saw a reference to this blog, where she challenged her readers to take action. While too late to actually participate in the contest, I did want to check out the SocialVibe widget she mentioned.

SocialVibe is itself a social networking site, but it’s aim is charitable. By adding the widget to my page and having my readers click the badge, donations are generated which help my selected cause. For each click, the site gives a certain amount to the cause. For us, in blog land, it’s great because we can enact change and bring awareness to a variety of causes simply by including the widget. It’s free, meaning if you click, you don’t have to give a monetary contribution–you just have to watch an advertisement, and complete an activity (for me, this meant voting for a cause to win a car). Poof! You’ve just helped the environment, abused children, battered women, people living with AIDS, service animals, the clean water campaign, or any of the many other causes.  That simple.

So, get clicking! You can sign up via Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, or just by going directly to the site. Post the badge on your blog and watch the counter go up. The toughest part is only being able to do one. But you can help other causes by clicking other people’s causes in their blogs.


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