The Countdown Continues

It’s finally “Wedding Wednesday” (which just so happens to be on our 10-months-’til-the-wedding-day date) and I’ve been waiting for four days to showcase my “Wedding Wednesday” sign. I’m an educator, not a designer, so it’s pretty pathetic. If any of you out there are designers and want to rescue my sad attempt at design (I used OpenOffice thank you very much), I would love to see what you’ve got.

Back to our wedding news:

Several months ago I contacted LeeAnn at Casa de Suenos, a B&B in Albuquerque’s Old Town.

She told me all about their venue and super awesome wedding packages. Even though, at the time, it was still well over a year till the wedding, she was more than happy to give us information.

With the wedding now LESS than a year away, I contacted her once more and asked her a rather important question for a bride wanting to have an outdoor wedding: What if it RAINS?

LeeAnn reassured me us they actually have tent rentals on retainer. We have to watch the weather, of course, and make that final call three days in advance. I’m still iffy on that. I can watch The Weather Channel all day, but we all know how UNpredictable the weather really is. Who pays for my tent if I don’t need it? The weather man? I hope I don’t need the tent. I don’t want to pay for it. The grounds at Casa de Suenos are so pretty–I would hate to cover them up.

I made an appointment to visit LeeAnn with Jason the weekend after we get home. Pictures don’t really give us the WHOLE picture, do they?

PS: I really do love Steve Stucker, he’s my favorite weatherman!


One response to “The Countdown Continues

  1. Hurray! I live wedding Wednesday! I like your sign, I think it is cute and adds a nice touch! I think it stinks that you will have to pay for the tent whether you need it or not but at least you have three days before the event to decide if you need it. Pictures of the place are a nice start but you are totally right, you definetly need to go there and see how it feels!

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