Digital Dress-Up

Welcome again to “Wedding Wednesday,” where I will dazzle you readers with the amazing (albeit creeptastic) digital offerings from David’s Bridal.

One of the main websites I visit for wedding dress ideas has been David’s Bridal. I went there with my friend Kiersten when she was looking for her own wedding dress in 2008ish. So, I have a little bit of an idea of their offerings.

This is not to say that I won’t and am not looking at other shops, it’s just…this particular one is a bit more interactive.

Case-in-point: David’s Bridal has a “Dress Your Wedding” feature. HELLO!? Even if you don’t want to buy their dresses or suits, who can say no to dressing up digital representations of you, your fiancée, and your selected wedding party members? I know I couldn’t.

As such, I present:

Bridal Party

 As my future sister-in-law pointed out, Kaitlyn (flower girl) gets two elbows per arm. Her waist, due to the addition of the sash, is also wonky.

So, the site isn’t perfect, but it certainly helps a bride visualize the color scheme. My color scheme being purple and green. My girls (Katy, Susan, Rachel, and Jordan) will be in violet dresses that they choose. Kaitlyn will be in green. That’s the plan so far.


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