This is why we can’t have nice things…

I had started walking between 3.5-5 miles 3-4 days a week about three weeks ago. I had been doing well, getting up at the crack of dawn, leaving a note for Jason to let him know I was out, and maintaining a steady pace as I went. I had been adjusting nicely to waking up so early, even on days I wasn’t walking.

I had been doing all this, until the sky exploded and hasn’t stopped spewing swimming pools of rain every day this week (except for Tuesday and this morning, and I did walk those days). The prospect of any time outside without my umbrella is pretty unlikely. Maybe Saturday will just be cloudy. Here’s hoping.

Also note that the humidity level is horrendous. So even though it’s pouring out, it’s still freaking HOT. This is why we can’t have nice things…it’s raining, HOT, and humid (think high moisture levels, little insulation, and crap wallpaper).

In other news–and real the reason I mentioned the weather and my inability to continue with my exercise regimen–I recently joined an online group that is functionally a support group for people trying to lose weight. I’m really excited to read about their progress as well as keep track of my own. The aim is to be a little accountable. The group is fairly small, but most of them have blogs about their journeys, so it will keep me inspired. Even the welcome blurb from Angela was inspiring:

Using blogs in this way is by no means new. Tons of foodies and people seeking a voice as they work toward a healthy lifestyle blog everyday. WordPress FOOD tags alone number well over 5,000 posts at any given time. Add in RECIPES, and the WordPress blog site has over 8,000 contributions. WordPress isn’t the only blogging site. Blogger has a multitude of food, diet, and healthy lifestyle blogs as well.

For many people, the world beyond their computers is actually quite small. The wonders of the Internet never cease.

A veritable smorgasbord of information and opinion, the Internet really does have a life of its own. I find value in much of what the Internet provides. Being so far from home and away from most of the conveniences I had taken for granted, reading blogs about life and developing my ideas for the future has truly been a lifesaver.

Another blog I did want to mention before wrapping this up to devote my full attention to one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes, is Krista’s blog. This girl has worked SO hard to lose a lot of weight and she’s opened herself up to the entire Internet community in the process. For the next two days, she’s celebrating her readers with an AWESOME giveaway.

**Question: What do YOU use the Internet for?**


One thought on “This is why we can’t have nice things…”

  1. i’m glad you got a smile from my little welcome blurb! wanting to look fantastic at my wedding is certainly one of those goals (although it won’t be for a while!). i’m so happy you joined our group. i know you’ll do fantastic!

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