Samgyeopsal Night

It’s that time again… WIAW time.

Tonight Jason and I went out to a samgyeopsal restaurant in the neighborhood. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s essentially Korean style barbecue.

We get a few strips of pork, a TON of sides like fresh cabbage salad with soy sauce & wasabi dressing (I had like 4 servings of this), seasoned scallions, and pickled radish. We also get romaine lettuce and peppers (the peppers are for Jason, I tend to avoid whole peppers).

Once the pork strip has cooked through, we cut them into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Then, place one onto a piece of lettuce with a small dollop of gochujang, maybe a bit of grilled kimchi (the BEST way to have kimchi), some garlic, rice, and wrap it up in the lettuce. You MUST put that whole thing in your mouth and chew, chew, chew (seriously, or you’ll choke)… it’s AMAZING!

Different restaurants offer different sides. The one we went to tonight gave us two pieces of  tteok, other places include such things as seasonal veggies like slices of acorn squash, or different varieties of mushroom.

Katy said she found some decent Korean restaurants in Albuquerque, but we’re still going to be hitting up the local department store for a samgyeopsal grill top to bring home with us. Then we’ll get a camping stove from here, and buy our ingredients from here.

**Question: What is your FAVORITE “ethnic” dish?**


12 thoughts on “Samgyeopsal Night”

  1. The cabbage salad looks and sounds yummy. I love cabbage anything 🙂 My favorite ethnic dish would have to be Chile Rohlohols (I totally spelled it wrong) it’s not too daring, a big ol chili pepper stuffed with cheeses and fried. I also love any other Mexican dish made!

  2. I used to love korean bbq, but it’s really hard to eat there as a vegetarian. There aren’t a lot of non-meat options! I love thai, indian and lebanese food. Yum!

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