Rainy Day Monday

Bring on the monsoons… or rather, keep bringing them. Various expats are telling me different things… the 2011 monsoon season is nearly finished, it’s got a few more weeks… I need the rain to be finished pouring from the sky. I took this picture last Tuesday during a reprieve of the rain. I think there have been two other dry days since…. sigh.


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Monday”

    1. I would if I could! My home state is on fire! … well there is a big fire burning there and I’d love to give them some of this moisture as well!

  1. You have too much rain and we don’t have enough. Hmm…wouldn’t it be great if we could some home balance it out so everybody gets only what they need, nothing more, nothing less?

    1. The way I figure… this isn’t the desert (which needs rain) nor the rainforest (where it’s expected), so it really needs to stop. It’s really starting to impede my own 1/2 marathon training!

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