All’s Well That Eats Well

I started out this week anticipating that Jason and I would be eating home most of the week. A last hurrah for using our kitchen appliances (namely our oven, stove, and rice maker) before we send them out into the world with friends or strangers (as will likely be the case with our stove, since no one claimed it) before we move back to the US.

But the week turned out differently. Instead of cooking at home (which would have required actually going full-on shopping) we ate out on Tuesday (pics to come later), I had an office dinner on Wednesday night, and we had a farewell dinner with a few co-workers and old friends last night.

So, our thought now: eat at all our favorite places before we go. Tuesday was “Pirate Bar” and tonight is samgyeopsal (yes, again… what? It’s GREAT!). This weekend will be Kimchi Jjigae and Tteok Galbi for sure. We are also going to be hitting up a Shabu-Shabu place, and probably our neighborhood Pho restaurant as well.

I just hope I can get the pictures up before we dismantle the computers (probably next Monday or Tuesday).

**Question: Where would you eat for your last meal in the city you live in now?**


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