The Hunt Has Begun

Last week, Jason and I went to the bank and were pre-qualified for a decent-sized home loan. Our banker at the credit union also gave us the name of a Realtor, whom I called afterwords. He answered after a few rings and we set up a meeting time for Saturday afternoon.


There are a $h!t ton of houses for sale in our city and while we are very excited that we are even in a position to buy a home, the insane amount of home we need to weed through in order to find our dream starter-home is, well… INSANE.

Yesterday (Saturday), we spent a good few hours sorting through home listings on the big realty website. We found 11 houses that were interesting, of which we then split up and went to see half.

YUCK. I am sorry, but the things some people have done to their homes is just funky and not in a good way:

knocking down walls and putting them back in a slightly different location.

double storm doors for the front door.

hot tub as giant ugly planter…

I could go on, but I won’t.

Today we saw about 5 houses. But, out of the initial 11, only one stands out with potential, and that’s because it was well maintained, had a lot of land, and had GREAT views of the Sandias.

We were on the east side of the city this weekend, tomorrow we’re checking out about 15-20 houses on the west side. Hopefully we will be more impressed!

Wish us luck!


I Should Really Say Something, Right?

Ahh, I’m back! Back home, in the US. Back in school. And I hope back to blogging.

I’ve been busy and not busy all at the same time.

A few updates:

1. Wedding planning is in full swing. We’ve found a lovely venue, a great photographer, a yummy cake, and a florist. We’re still missing the DJ, the invitations (checking them out this weekend), and a hair stylist for my wedding day hair.

2. Graduate courses are underway. I am taking two online classes this semester: Teaching Reading, and Teaching Writing. F.U.N. It really is, I promise.

3. Work, is work… while it’s difficult to align some of my working hours with the Seoul office, so far it’s going all right.

4. Reconnecting with old friends and family… I have seen both of my MOHs and most of my in-ABQ familia. I’ve even finally met Jason’s parentals.

5. Planning the other stuff, like pre-qualifying for a home loan. We’re still trying to get all our documents in order.


I think there’s other things in there too, but I wanted to get in the highlights.