I Should Really Say Something, Right?

Ahh, I’m back! Back home, in the US. Back in school. And I hope back to blogging.

I’ve been busy and not busy all at the same time.

A few updates:

1. Wedding planning is in full swing. We’ve found a lovely venue, a great photographer, a yummy cake, and a florist. We’re still missing the DJ, the invitations (checking them out this weekend), and a hair stylist for my wedding day hair.

2. Graduate courses are underway. I am taking two online classes this semester: Teaching Reading, and Teaching Writing. F.U.N. It really is, I promise.

3. Work, is work… while it’s difficult to align some of my working hours with the Seoul office, so far it’s going all right.

4. Reconnecting with old friends and family… I have seen both of my MOHs and most of my in-ABQ familia. I’ve even finally met Jason’s parentals.

5. Planning the other stuff, like pre-qualifying for a home loan. We’re still trying to get all our documents in order.


I think there’s other things in there too, but I wanted to get in the highlights.


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