What Say You?

Jason and I went and got ourselves pre-approved for a home loan a few weeks ago. We found a nice and savvy realtor who took us around to look at about 25 homes all over Albuquerque and beyond. We even found a home we dug enough to put an offer on.

Oops, no home loan from our bank because the underwriter doesn’t like our Korean taxes. SIGH.

It’s OK, our nice and savvy realtor hooked us up with another bank. He seems more confident that we’ll get our loan. We have had two inspections (termite and mechanical) at the house already, but I’m still on the fence about whether we’ll get this loan or not.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we only have until November 2nd to close…

We did get a call from the bank this afternoon and have a meeting with him tomorrow morning. I hope he has good news.

I want a house!