A Remembered Thing

As 2011 winds down, and Jason and I continue to sift through the boxes of things we haven’t thought about in years, I am reminded of something:

I used to love to write. I would write about anything and everything. For hours I could sit with a journal or a keyboard and write pages and pages, dumping my thoughts onto the page.

It’s important that I remember this because for so long (even with a blog post here and there) I haven’t written a thing. Sure, I write status updates because I am obsessed with facebook and am so happy to be back in the US that I want to share my oft’ times mundane dailies with my 180 or so friends, family, and¬†acquaintances. But, going through old journals, and NOT being able to open old files on years’ old 3.5 floppies, makes me remember.

As I work on improving how I feel about and see myself, it’s important that I not neglect certain aspects of ME. That is, the creative part that I forgot.