First Weekend Finds (Part One)

As Jason and I stumble and bumble our way through filling this oversized (for now) house with bits and pieces representative of who we are, and try to pay off the wedding, all while keeping our checkbook above water, we’ve decided to try our luck at seeking other peoples trash.

By trash, I’m not saying we’re going dumpster-diving or anything like that, but hopping about the city, in search of garage, yard, and estate sales. Because I want to get more regular with my exercise, as I said before, I am meeting a few of my girls to train on Saturday mornings for a 1/2 to full marathon in October. This kind of puts a damper on Jason and my luck with garage sales.

Traditionally, most garage and yard sales happen bright (or dark as may be the case during the winter months) and early on Saturdays. Some die-hard garage-sellers may set up Friday or Sunday as well, but in general there are way more sales on Saturdays.

Estate sales, on the other hand, are usually operating from Friday through Sunday. The best items sell fast on Friday when the real treasure seekers are out and the regular Janes are still at work. Items that don’t sell ret price-slashed over the course of the weekend. Buyers can find GREAT deals on Sundays at estate sales.

The big difference between these, aside from duration, is who runs them. Just about anyone can, and perhaps has, run a garage or yard sale. Estate sales, however, are run by professional companies which specialize in selling off items of various value. These items can be the whole collections of housewares and furntiture of recently deceased individuals, or big ticket items left abandoned in storage units and recently purchased by the company at auction.

As a way of supporting my athletic endeavor while not giving up on the idea of finding awesomeness at these sales, Jason and I have compromised by taking one weekend away from my training and devoting it to the haul.

Here are just a few items we’ve been lucky enough to score so far. We also acquired an antique Singer sewing machine, several picture frames, drinking glasses, a full set of MiA stoneware dishes, and a starter end table.

5 thoughts on “First Weekend Finds (Part One)”

  1. I absolutely love your mail table! I always say I will start going to estate sales, but haven’t tried my hand at it yet… I can’t wait to give it a go in the future!

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