Some Bear-Necessities

The other day, Jason and I finally made it to Costco. We absolutely needed to go on account of our not going since well before the wedding. We had our list already made, and it included such essentials as paper towels, toilet paper, and cat food.

But the very first thing we picked up was this:

To get a better idea of the real size of this guy (he’s 53 inches tall), take a look at him as he goes shopping with us. You can also get a glimpse of my growing belly.

Isn’t the bear ridiculous? But we had to have it for the baby and now he’s keeping good company with my and Jason’s childhood teddy bears. Don’t worry, the big yellow guy will be getting an appointment to see the teddy bear doctor soon.

**Question: What toy did you grow up with that you had to (or will) get for your kiddos?**


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