We’re Bookin’ It

In my “here’s my first official pregnancy post” I mentioned I was considering writing about things like shopping for baby. And I did post recently about the ginormous bear Jason and I just got from Costco.

Even more recently–today in fact–Jason and I ventured over to the Hastings down the road to seek out great deals on “previously viewed” DVDs. Success in that area of entertainment was all mine. I found a newer Stephen King movie for less than $2, and a Hugh Grant / Drew Barrymore Ro-Co for under $3.

As we were scoping out the other departments, we finally ended up in kiddy bookland. Not wanting to spend too much today, we settled on a nice collection Mr. / Little Miss books and a Curious George compilation in hardback.

A while back, we were working through another bout of nesting. Only this time we were on the hunt for clothes. This is our collection so far. My mom is also compiling her own stash of baby things. Our shopping forays have resulted in a small collection of onesies. We are looking forward to finding out the gender in the next few weeks so we can branch out to colors like purple and pink, or dark blue and red.


2 thoughts on “We’re Bookin’ It”

  1. I love the plan to blog about your pregnancy (and congrats, by-the-way!), I think it will be such a wonderful way to capture the experience. I wish this had been an option with my first (she will be 21 years old on August 11th). You can never have enough onesies! I also loved infant gowns for newborns — they cover legs/feet and make changing diapers so easy! I always put a onesie on underneath and little socks on, but they are just great for the first month! Isn’t it fun to shop? And to dream about the baby? What a wonderful, precious time it is:); happy for you!

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