Another Friday, Another Week Begins

I can OFFICIALLY say that we’re 21 weeks, 1 day into Babytown. This also means that we are a happy 18 weeks, 6 days away from D-day. This is also the final week of my 5th month of pregnancy. We’re in the homestretch of the 2nd trimester. Only 5 more weeks until the 3rd. Crazy, right? October still feels so far away!

In other news, most of the nausea, uncomfortable-ness, and other fun symptoms from the first trimester are actually subsiding. I still get sporadic headaches, which I treat with a single (how amazing) 500mg capsule of Tylenol.

On Tuesday, Jason and I went to a baby care class. This was a three-hour course taught at the hospital in which we learned all about life RIGHT after T.H.E. boy is delivered. We’re excited for most of the things to come. Although the look on Jason’s face while watching the video of the daddy cutting his newborn’s umbilical cord was quite humorous, if nothing else. He wasn’t really sold on the idea of cutting the cord, until he thought more about it being a once in a lifetime event, and would likely kick himself forever for not doing it. Needless to say while drafting our birthing plan, I suggested there be a strong nurse standing behind him in the event of his passing out.

Another interesting item from the class: We were free to sit where we wanted. It just turned out that all the parents who were expecting boys sat together, while all the parents expecting girls sat together. We were oddly separated by the only couple expecting twins–a boy and a girl.

And… we were definitely the ‘youngest’ ones in there. Meaning that all the other babies were due in June, July, or August. All I can say about learning things early is that I’m a planner. I like to know what to expect as early on as possible. We also took a lot of notes, because unlike the other parents, we have four months to forget things.

We start our birthing classes this coming week. We go for two hours every Tuesday for the next four weeks. We get to see the facility, and learn how to give birth… I assume. I guess we’ll see.


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