Protein for Pregnancy

Last night, Jason and I went to our first “Childbirth Preparedness” class. Oddly, again, we were the “youngest” there. We are still perplexed by the fact that mommies are taking these classes so much later in the game than we are… are we freaks or are they just bad procrastinators? One woman introduced herself saying that she was ALREADY DILATED! Come on people… are you going to make it to the end of the class? I just hope they already took the breastfeeding class.


This first class was a little bit of a let down. The woman conducting the course was sick, and called the class early. We spent most of the time watching a birthing video and listening to the instructor sort of ramble on, disjointedly about what we can expect (not going into to too much detail) and what we probably should be doing as far as nutrition (not too much detail their either). We weren’t the only ones wondering about the content of the class for the $80 fee we paid to take it. HOPEFULLY, it will get better and the instructor will be more organised next week. Fingers crossed.

We did get a packet of literature and a homework assignment.

This week’s assignment is to track my protein intake for one day. Here’s what I’ve got so far:


Oatmeal (Instant) 7gm

Toffee dusted almonds (they taste like pralines) 5gm

Low Fat Cottage Cheese 12gm (cha-ching!)

A grand total of 24gm, about one-third of my target of 70gm for the day. I’ll update the list this evening in a separate post.

**Question: How do you keep your protein levels up?**


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