Protein Power – A Continuation

And I’m back for a second installment of today’s protein log. Now, I read or did read a lot of food blogs (see here, here, and here) over the years, and I have to say; this “multiple blogs for each meal” thing is a TASK. I don’t think I could do it on a regular basis. I’m happy with my Life & Living blog.

But, I assume the reason you came back was for the rest of my day’s protein intake.


For lunch, Jason and I went here:

I had a 5 piece chicken strip combo (comes with fries and a drink). I gave up one of my chicken strips for one of Jason’s hot wings.

4 chicken strips 20gm

1 hot wing 5 gm

odd French fries with strange sugar salt sprinkling 5gm

12oz cup of root beer 0gm


Snack (because it’s damn hot here!)

banana flavored Popsicle 0gm



98% fat-free turkey chili 34gm (a biggie)

2oz extra sharp cheddar 14gm

crackers 3gm


For the rest of the evening I may eat some frozen peaches blended into a smoothie with a coconut yogurt or some other such frozen amazingness.

My Total (unless I am mistaken): 105 gm protein today. Now go me! Unless eating that much protein is bad, in which case I will get it back down to the range the instructor told us last night (70-80)


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