Preggo Girl’s WIAW #2

Peas and Crayons

Aside from my WIAW shenanigans, today was muddled with work. And I worked a very long day in front of my computer analyzing manuscripts for a new project I’ve recently been assigned. The next task in said project is to rewrite the content and rearrange the layout. But I’m done (for now) with the analyzing, and my deadline isn’t until next Friday for the rewrite.

On to the FOOD!

Keeping this months WIAW theme (Sensible Snacking) in mind, as well as trying really hard at minimizing my pregnancy weight-gain, here is what I had to eat:


Quaker Oatmeal with PB, Half a Grapefruit, and Requisite H2O



98%FF Turkey Chili, Reduced Fat Cheddar, Matzos, Watered-Down Grape Juice






Chicken & Bok Choy Stir-fry, Brown Rice, Pretzel Roll, More Water

I am currently working on another 20oz cup of water. Go me! Way to keep hydrated.

**Question: What are your healthy, go-to foods?**


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