24 Weeks… The Sixth Month

As my last month of trimester numero dos gets underway, I’m reminded that during my first trimester, I really did not like being pregnant. I think the first 15-16 weeks were full of pain, worry, and morning sickness. I did not like it. This month–this trimester really–we’ve actually been giving more thought to a second baby…some day.

They say that the second trimester is the “honeymoon” stage in a woman’s pregnancy. I have loads more energy. I’m happier, and I’m feeling a lot better. But, alas, it’s nearly over. All too soon, I’ll be in the third trimester. The one where I’ll have a baby the size of a watermelon balancing on my tiny bladder–squashing it into submission.

24 Weeks!

I have to remind myself–and I haven’t really forgotten this, but it’s hard to stay focused on the prize when the getting there is so tumultuous–that in a few short months (October is surely creeping up on us like one of our stalking cats) we will have our little chicken, our little bundle of new person.

I have been listening to old episodes of The Pregtastic Podcast via iTunes the last week or so. They do have a lot of really great information about different things, such as prenatal exercise plans, doulas, baby screening, and gestational diabetes to name a few. It was (I think they are no longer transmitting) a weekly podcast which began in 2006.

At the beginning of each episode–at least the 20 or so I’ve heard so far–each woman introduces herself and subsequently lists her “two ups and two downs” for the week. These are, as the name implies, the good and the bad experiences for the week.

For my weekly/biweekly updates, I am going to start including my own two ups and two downs. This way, I can share my positive experiences as well as put out my negative ones for my readers to perhaps offer suggestions.

Two Ups:

1. In the last two weeks, the baby has become really active. So active, I can see my belly move. It’s very exciting. Last week the OB said he wouldn’t be making himself felt regularly until the following week (ie, this week). With all the movement, Jason STILL hasn’t felt anything. I’ve taken to recording my belly…

2. We have a plan and paint swatches for the nursery. We popped over to Home Depot last Thursday (because I randomly got paid a week early this month) and picked up the preliminary painting supplies Jason needed to get started. Rollers, brushes, drop cloth, bucket, etc. He then spent the evening removing all the face-plates from the electrical and phone outlets in the room and scraping off excess paint globs left from the rush paint job the previous owners did before selling. Now we’re pricing out the paint to see where we can find the best deal.

Two Downs:

1. I think I am getting pregnancy-related carpal tunnel. The last several nights I have been woken up in the middle of the night with my hands almost completely numb. Generally it’s in my right hand (my dominate hand), and I wake to that lovely sensation of pins and needles. My wrists are tight, and it’s hard to get full mobility in them… flexing is uncomfortable, as though I need to stretch it out for a good long time.

2. I have my 1-hour GD test coming up in about 2.5 weeks. I’m almost certain I’m going to fail, just because of my weight. Also, my maternal grandmother had geriatric diabetes, and while I’m only 31, it’s still “in my genes.” I guess we’ll have to wait on that one. I just want to get it over with!

**Question: What are your two ups and two downs this week (doesn’t have to be pregnancy related!)?**


4 responses to “24 Weeks… The Sixth Month

  1. My hand used to go numb, too. They told me there’s nothing they could do about it. It really pissed me off! Get ready…’cause after about 32 weeks, you’ll be begging for it to be over. It’s all worth it, tho.
    Check out this post I made regarding my pregnancy/labor experience. It’s pretty hilarious. And, pregnant chicks love reading about pregnant chicks.

  2. The GD test isn’t that bad if you go in with a positive mind. Do breathing exercises and bring something to read. If you go in stressed it makes it worse. Try stretching before you go to bed so the pain isn’t that bad in your arms. It sounds like you are doing great. The baby will be here before you know it and then sleeping will become a fond memory. lol.

  3. Remember that the first time you hold your baby all of the last 9 months somehow disappear and are forgotten, all of a sudden there he will be a live, loving, precious bundle that G-D and entrusted to you. AND I know that while I was pregnant with you and your brother I was ALWAYS border-line diabetic but that too went away once you were born. Our bodies are the mystical, magical and miraculous invention of G-D and only HE knows why it does what it does. All we can do is smile and 99% of the time say Thank you!
    Let me please say here and everwhere that I am proud and so happy to be able to be a part of this part of your new life and Jason’s and am excited for myself and you that I will soon be seeing little whatsis (no-name mentioned) I love you both and my heart is growing because you are adding another somebody for me to love.
    I love you! Talk to you later. Kisses
    and love and appreciation for who you are, what you have become, what you will be and all that you do for me whether you know you are or not because all I have to do is think of you and I feel warm inside and out.
    One last thing, you will never forget that first time you hold your baby because it somehow leaves a permanent impression in your arms and in your heart.

  4. I wish you the best of luck with your GD test. Always know that you are not alone and that many women have gone through similar worries. Take deep breaths and stay positive. Your little “chicken” will be here very soon. =)

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