Week 28…AKA The Third Trimester

Finally. We have arrived at the much-anticipated third trimester. While my body has been screaming third for the last few weeks, with the additions of pelvic widening and what I am assuming is sciatica, I had been enjoying my second trimester. Although, admittedly, I was ready for a change. From what I hear, the third trimester is no walk in the park. Supposedly many of my first trimester symptoms, like nausea and vomiting, will be making a comeback. Hooray.

This week alone has been quite eventful and I dare say…freaky.


We’ve set a date for our baby shower, which is being hosted by my lovely friend, Deb. She’s a mother of two awesome (and insightful) little boys and has been SUCH a help with all things new-baby related. She helped me pick out just about everything on our Babies R Us gift registry, right down to recommending a tried and true brand of diaper rash ointment.

Two Ups, Two Downs

The Ups

1. I took the GD test two weeks ago and got the results last Thursday…PASSED, with flying colors. This is a huge relief since, as most of you will remember, I was pretty concerned about it. Also during this appointment we got the regular evals: urine (fine), weight (annoying, but doc said I’m trending so nothing to worry about…I’ll just have more to lose postpartum), fundal height (28 cm), and fetal heart rate (155bps, good and strong).

2. We had another sonogram last Friday, during which we got to see THe baby again. He was all wiggles and a bit evasive. But, he’s growing well and that’s what’s important. According to the sonographer, THe baby is (or was, a week ago) 2.9 pounds and has a heart rate of 145 (lower than the day before, but I figure it’s more accurate since the OB was using a portable Doppler rather than a finely-tuned ultrasound wand) bps…which SHOULD be slowing as we get closer to the EDD.

The Downs

1. Continued pelvic and lower back pain make moving about pretty difficult. And it’s pretty sucky feeling a hundred at 31.

2. This happened. At the urging of my mom, I called the doctor yesterday and got a return phone call this morning. Again… normal. I just need to be on the look out for severe abdominal pain and cramping, in which case I am to call back to see the doc ASAP. I guess the outcome is an Up, but the event was DEFINITELY a Down.


Other random events of the past two weeks included Jason starting jury duty and being put on a trial (we’re hoping they finish deliberations today!). As a result of last week’s car mishap, my dad was staying here this week to help drive Jason to jury duty downtown and stay with me during the day. Since we got the car back on Wednesday evening, my dad is going back home tonight. It will be lonely, but hopefully Jason won’t be put on another trial during his last week of jury duty.

Now that I’m 28 weeks, it’s recommended that I track fetal movements daily. A good test to go by is the ten-in-twelve test. This means that baby should be moving (ie kicking) ten times in a twelve-hour period. There are loads of resources to help us mommies track the kicks we feel. There are downloadable charts and tons of apps. I shelled out the .99 for this one, and have started tracking.

I finally (like, this morning) got around to making these:

They are Banana Bran muffins. I got the recipe off our box of Kroger Bran Flakes. They are pretty good for a bran muffin. Both my dad and I have had our share, and we’re saving the rest for Jason  and for consumption at a later time… like desert or something.

Why Does Normal Feel Strange?

Yesterday THe little man was pretty quiet. I had been working several hours at my desk, sitting in my very uncomfortable chair, so I figured he was just sleeping.

I took note before falling asleep that I hadn’t felt him moving as much as I had been for the last several weeks. At some point during the night I needed to turn over, and oddly, it didn’t hurt as much to do so.

For the last two or so weeks, my pelvis has been sore. The pain has radiated to my hips and lower back, but mostly it’s centralized in my pelvic floor. I talked to be doctor about it last week and he said it was normal, during this stage of my pregnancy, for the pelvis to begin widening. This functions to, in about 12.5 weeks, allow THe baby to pass through the cervix during labor.

Last night, however, when it didn’t hurt nearly as much to turn over, it roused me a bit more from my sleep. I also felt less constriction in my abdomen. It felt like…normal. Normal in the pre-pregnancy sense of the word. This started a panic running through me. I got up and didn’t feel the need to roll out of bed, but was able to sit up fairly easily. Touching my belly, I really started to freak out when it felt softer than it had in MONTHS. This, coupled with his lack of movement the day before, sent me to the bathroom and google.

It was about 5am by this point. After using the bathroom and not seeing any blood–a sign of danger any pregnant woman knows–I searched google.

A little aside here:

Early on in this pregnancy, in late February actually (around week 8 or so), we were panicked by some heavy bleeding. I had, the week before, just confirmed my pregnancy with our GP and made the appointment with the OB. Now, the OB doesn’t like to see new pregnancies until after week 10, and we had also just switched to a new insurance policy for me to cover the maternity care I would need. I had one day with a little spotting which I took to be implantation bleeding and lasted one bathroom visit.

A week later, we were having my brother and parents over for dinner. This was the dinner I had planned on sharing the news with my parents that they would be grandparents in October. As I was straightening up before they arrived, I felt the urge to “visit the bathroom” (I’m trying to keep the over-sharing at a minimum here). This is when I saw a large amount (for me and for being pregnant) of dark blood. My throat dropped to my stomach and I wanted to cry. After sharing this with Jason, we hoped it would stop after that first instance. We continued on with our preparations.

I felt odd now about telling my parents. I didn’t want to tell them and miscarry all in the same day.

I did end up telling them we were expecting and they were ecstatic. Half-way through dinner, I went back to the bathroom: more blood, just as dark. At this point I was really scared.

I had to tell them. My mom was great. She was calm and asked if I wanted her to call my uncle (he’s a doctor). Actually, she suggested that I call him, but I told her it would be easier if she called.

My uncle was happy to hear that we were expecting, and suggested bed rest for a few days. Over the course of the next few days, I was terrified to move. I stayed in bed for about 4 days. I kept track of how many days I was bleeding and how heavy. After the 4th day, there was no more blood. But this experience affected me so greatly that I check for blood every time I go to the bathroom. I’ve been THAT paranoid for the last 5 months.

Back to last night:

After checking for blood, I visited google and searched “feeling normal during pregnancy” which didn’t tell me anything really. Then I searched “decreased fetal movement at 28 weeks” and found that before calling my doctor, I should try eating something and subsequent to that, lay down.

I ventured into the kitchen, noticing that we forgot to put away last night’s dinner (pretty sure the kittens had a nice treat of scrambled eggs), and ate a handful of almonds. I went back to bed, laid down, and waited. When nothing happened instantly, I continued my freak out.

Sitting up and feeling my belly again didn’t ease my concern. It was still pretty soft. At this point, about 530, I made Jason wake up. I also started to cry, telling him how I didn’t feel pregnant anymore. My stomach felt soft, it didn’t hurt as much to move, and THe baby hadn’t moved in what seemed like ages.

Rational Jason tried to calm me down. He rubbed my belly, telling me I still felt pretty pregnant. After telling him what I learned from google about eating and laying down, he said that I needed to give it a little more time than the 5 minutes I had.

“Babies don’t just disappear.” He said.

“Unless the aliens took him.” I replied.

“Do you remember any dreams about being abducted?”


See, rational, right?

Thus we concluded that THe baby was still in there because there was no “proof” of my being abducted by what the boys from Southpark call “Visitors.”

Laying back down, I finally started to feel something. Movement! And he was moving a lot, Jason even got to feel him for the second time. And boy, oh boy was THe baby moving. I’m assuming to reassure me, he kicked and wiggled for about 35 minutes.

Since then, my belly as returned mostly to MY normal: firm and hard. My pelvis is once again sore and it is difficult to move, although not as difficult as the last week.

Some return to normal is welcomed, but sudden body changes are always going to freak me out.

I’m feeling our regular movements even now–mostly bubbles with some good kicks thrown in there sporadically.

**Question: What freaks you out when it comes to your body, especially during pregnancy?**

One, Two, KICK

At our 27-week OB appointment, we got an unexpected referral for another sonogram.  It was amazing to get to see THe little man again.

Apparently he was holding a tight, armadillo pose, which made it REALLY difficult for any 3D pics to turn out well. We got one, but it’s really hard to make anything out except part of his hand (covering his face again) and a bit of his nose.

Speaking of noses…check out my kid’s shnoz:

THe baby has his poppa’s nose…IMO.

The whole time the sonographer was sonographing(?), el babé was moving and kicking:

He’ll either play soccer or black belt in Karate.

He’s got a nice, strong heartbeat and has grown so much! He’s already 2.9 pounds (right on target for his age). And I’m growing right along with him: my fundus measured at 28 cm, which is well within a healthy growth range for 27 weeks–roughly your fundus measures in cm the same as your week in pregnancy, give or take a week or cm.

Getting to see THe baby made the events of the rest of the day–busted fuel line and subsequent 9-gallon fuel spill at the gas station, as well as the realization that we will be spending our furnace repair money on fixing the car–manageable.

Preggo Girl’s WIAW #5

When I got up this morning, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do a WIAW today. Last night was rough. I worked until 1am finishing up on some writing, then I went to bed and fell asleep fairly easily.

That is, until I need to turn to the other side. For the last few days, my pelvis has been sore. Not sure what that is about. I told my cousin that it feels like I’m healing from a week-old kick to the crotch incident (no, no one has kicked me in the crotch, I just imagine that if someone HAD done that, this is what it would feel like a week later). Two years ago when I slipped at a company workshop, my tailbone was sore and bruised for three weeks… so I can safely say that it feels like BONE, not tendons. While what I have been reading does imply that it COULD be loosening of the ligaments in my pelvis and surrounding joints… It could also be preterm labor (I have an achy back, too). I see my OB bright and early tomorrow morning… we’ll be discussing THIS awesomeness, to be sure.

But, the sore pelvis is really only sore when I need to move from a stationary position: when I’m laying down or sitting for long, it’s a b!tc# to get up. When I’m walking or standing, I feel absolutely normal. And come on, the baby may be the length of an oversized cucumber, but he’s only 2-ish pounds… hardly unmanageable considering a gallon of milk is way more than that–like close to ten pounds!

Soreness aside, my trouble sleeping actually began when, sometime around 3-3:30, my body temperature plunges and I’m shivering like we’re in the bloody Arctic! I was perfectly warm until this point. My teeth were chattering something fierce too… it sounded like a helicopter, I swear! So I try to find my quilt, which is heaped on the floor beside the bed, and cover myself as quickly as a half-asleep, 7-month pregnant woman can. Within moments, I’m warm again and back asleep. WTH?

What’s worse/ironic/odd/needing to be talked to my OB about/scary is that the night before last, Jason had to wake me up to see if I was OK because I was burning up. And these aren’t isolated… each has occurred once before in the last few weeks… my body is going insane.

So, you can probably understand why I was not so into WIAW this morning. I was tired. But, I did it anyway…


Cinnamon Oatmeal, Cinnamon Toast, Watery Cran-Apple Juice



Nuked Roast Beef (to fight off Listeria) and Cheddar on Bun, CSA Carrots, Almonds, and even MORE Watery Cran-Apple Juice


SNACK: About 2 cups of popcorn sprinkled with Parmesan



Potato and Leek Soup–made with CSA leeks and garlic!

And that, as they say, is that.

**Question: How was your Wednesday?**

Some Preemptive DIY

Jason and I are getting antsy to do something with this house.

On Monday we had a guy come out to look at our furnace…it was refusing to turn off the heat in our back bedroom and laundry room. We even had my dad out to check the thermostat. He removed said thermostat and still, the dang furnace continued to run the heat to that area! Anyhow, we had the guy come out and he fiddled with some crap wires and unplugged the whole unit. Problem solved, for now… except before he goes he says, “It’s an old unit, it could go out in a week, or in 5-10 years.” So we get a quote for the repairs for the crap wires and some other bits that were more pressing to replace. $1180 including labor. We’re waiting to hear back on how much a whole new unit would cost. Even if it’s two and a half times as much, it’s a good deal since they last 20-30 years. Ours is circa 1987.

So we’ve resigned ourselves to spending a lot of moo-la. It also means we can’t do AS much for the house, cosmetically, as we initially wanted in the short-term. But tonight, we started another little something we’re both excited to see finished.

Granted, I think the baby room will be painted before we move forward with this DIY project, but we’re excited for the challenge of completing it.

The Plan

  • Reseal the skylight.
  • Remove odd frame.
  • Remove nasty wall board.
  • Replace wall board with lovely, new wall board and texturize and paint to match the rest of the ceiling.
  • Fill in the cut bits of the 2x4s to reestablish the integrity of the supports.
  • Make faux wood beams like this guy, stain, and install.
  • Paint entire bathroom a pretty, subdued green color.

Note: Jason is spraying bug poison to eliminate an exceptionally obnoxious cricket who managed to find its way behind the wall boards in our gaping hole, I mean skylight cavity thing… apparently it’s giant-normous. It’s been there for well over two weeks keeping us up at night.  

**Question: What is on  your DIY bucket list for the near future?**