Preggo Girl’s WIAW #4

I have yet to take myself down to the lab at my hospital to get the GD one-hour screening test. Not to worry, though, I’m going tomorrow bright and early.

In preparation for the test, I’ve been focusing a lot on my eating habits. For the last few weeks I’ve been sticking pretty well to a three-meals-a-day diet with a snack thrown in here and there. Due to my crazy weight gains the last two times, I refuse to see another gain as high. So aside from the GD test, I’m also really focused on limiting any more weight gain. I don’t want to risk our health.

In addition to focusing on eating healthier, I have been working on getting in more exercise. Last week, in celebration of completing our child-birthing class, Jason and I went to Target to get our spend on.

He quickly located the Hot Wheels aisle, while I went in search of a prenatal yoga video that didn’t have an obnoxiously upbeat woman on the cover whose face had been photo-shopped onto a pregnant lady’s body. Success was had with this video by Gaiam.

Prenatal Yoga

I had been doing a prenatal “video” via OnDemand, but it didn’t really do a whole lot for me. The Gaiam video, however, kicked my butt. Let me tell you. I managed to get through the first 20 minutes of the video before I had to quit–baby steps. The next two days found me pretty sore in the chest. I blame the downward dog poses. My plan is to do it again today to see if I can get through more than the seated poses. (I quit at the intermission between seated and standing poses.)

So, why all this extra side chatter about my “workout” regimen? The July WIAW theme is “Fun, Food, and Fitness” so that’s what you’re getting.

My food and fun will be lumped together.

In the mailer that Jason received with his Weight Watchers membership card, there was an AWESOME recipe for a light and delectable blueberry angel-food cake. I wanted to make it fancy and a little patriotic, so I picked up some fresh raspberries (the RED), and light whip cream (the WHITE) to top the cake (the BLUE).

Mix one 14.5 oz box of angel-food cake mix with a 21-22 oz can of light blueberry pie filling. Pour into a 9X13 baking dish and bake at 350 for thirty minutes.
*NOTE: I used a 16 oz box and it rose well up over the top of the baking dish. I also baked it a little longer and then let it sit in the oven after I turned the heat off… It may work out differently for you, depending on your elevation, etc.

BBQ chicken, fresh corn on the cob, and spending time with my family will finish out the good times and the good food.

Peas and Crayons

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

**Question: How are you/did you RED, WHITE, and BLUE today?**


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