26 Weeks … Movin’ Right Along

So here we are. I haven’t blogged much this last week. It’s been hot, I’ve been pregnant. Not much to write about. I managed to only slightly mess up my 4th of July dessert, and it still tastes great.

I am just a week shy of the 7th month and… the THIRD trimester. Some days I feel huge, others…well, I can’t tell if I really am getting bigger.

I’m keeping this short today.

Two Ups, Two Downs

The Ups

1. Baby Blanket: I discovered this gem of a pattern on YouTube a few weeks back and decided to give it a whirl. I’m about a quarter of the way finished and am really liking how it’s turning out. Of course, I can’t wait to finish it–my first knitting project that isn’t a scarf!

2. Glucose Test: I did finally get around to taking the GD screening test. I drove 20 minutes to the lab in Rio Rancho because it seemed closer. It’s probably just as far as the one at my hospital. And that orange drink that I’ve heard such horrible things about–it wasn’t too bad either. It reminded me of flat orange soda or a melted orange popsicle.

Two Downs

1. Swelling: I’ve had the displeasure of swollen ankles and feet and forearms and wrists and fingers and toes for the last few weeks. This crap is normal. Normal sucks. I had to take my wedding ring off, and my flip-flops are getting so tight they are leaving impressions on my feet.

2. Insomnia: I can’t truly say I have insomnia, but I toss and turn from my left to my right side about a hundred times each night. My abdominal muscles and my lungs and other in-the-vicinity-of-my-uterus organs are constricted so much that it really hurts to move. But I have to move because of the tingling and numbness in the arm of whichever side I’m laying on. It’s a vicious cycle.



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