This week, we’ve graduated from measuring the baby from head to rump, to head to toe. It’s odd to go to sleep and wake up with the knowledge that your baby is now 6 inches longer than the night before. OK, he’s not really… but when the What to Expect app says 9 inches on Thursday and 15 inches on Friday, I think to myself, “damn, I didn’t feel a thing.”

The app also says he’s the length of a cucumber. I told my husband this, and we’re both “That’s a freakin’ big-ass cucumber!”

One of these may represent how “big” my son is right now.

And apparently, two hours after I eat anything, HE’LL taste it. We’re trying to condition him to like such things as mushrooms, broccoli, bananas, and carrots. But not celery… apparently I am allergic to those, as I’ve had projectile vomiting (TMI?) the last two times I’ve had them. This being over the course of 3 years.

On the plus side, my cantaloupe allergy has subsided. I discovered this when we were having dinner with our friends, Jamie and Charlie, a few weeks ago. I love cantaloupe, and am happy I was able to eat it without the irritating scratchy throat.

We’re still avoiding sunflower seeds on account of last time, consumption resulted in hives over a good portion of my body. Jason stayed up all night to make sure I was still breathing. So the baby probably won’t be tasting those anytime soon.

**Question: What allergies subsided when you were expecting? Which came on strong?**


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