Preggo Girl’s WIAW #5

When I got up this morning, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do a WIAW today. Last night was rough. I worked until 1am finishing up on some writing, then I went to bed and fell asleep fairly easily.

That is, until I need to turn to the other side. For the last few days, my pelvis has been sore. Not sure what that is about. I told my cousin that it feels like I’m healing from a week-old kick to the crotch incident (no, no one has kicked me in the crotch, I just imagine that if someone HAD done that, this is what it would feel like a week later). Two years ago when I slipped at a company workshop, my tailbone was sore and bruised for three weeks… so I can safely say that it feels like BONE, not tendons. While what I have been reading does imply that it COULD be loosening of the ligaments in my pelvis and surrounding joints… It could also be preterm labor (I have an achy back, too). I see my OB bright and early tomorrow morning… we’ll be discussing THIS awesomeness, to be sure.

But, the sore pelvis is really only sore when I need to move from a stationary position: when I’m laying down or sitting for long, it’s a b!tc# to get up. When I’m walking or standing, I feel absolutely normal. And come on, the baby may be the length of an oversized cucumber, but he’s only 2-ish pounds… hardly unmanageable considering a gallon of milk is way more than that–like close to ten pounds!

Soreness aside, my trouble sleeping actually began when, sometime around 3-3:30, my body temperature plunges and I’m shivering like we’re in the bloody Arctic! I was perfectly warm until this point. My teeth were chattering something fierce too… it sounded like a helicopter, I swear! So I try to find my quilt, which is heaped on the floor beside the bed, and cover myself as quickly as a half-asleep, 7-month pregnant woman can. Within moments, I’m warm again and back asleep. WTH?

What’s worse/ironic/odd/needing to be talked to my OB about/scary is that the night before last, Jason had to wake me up to see if I was OK because I was burning up. And these aren’t isolated… each has occurred once before in the last few weeks… my body is going insane.

So, you can probably understand why I was not so into WIAW this morning. I was tired. But, I did it anyway…


Cinnamon Oatmeal, Cinnamon Toast, Watery Cran-Apple Juice



Nuked Roast Beef (to fight off Listeria) and Cheddar on Bun, CSA Carrots, Almonds, and even MORE Watery Cran-Apple Juice


SNACK: About 2 cups of popcorn sprinkled with Parmesan



Potato and Leek Soup–made with CSA leeks and garlic!

And that, as they say, is that.

**Question: How was your Wednesday?**


One response to “Preggo Girl’s WIAW #5

  1. Back in the dark ages when I was pregnant, I had the same thing. My dr. told me it was because the ligaments in my pelvis were softening and stretching, things that aren’t usually moving are moving now. Believe me, this is something you’ll be grateful for when you deliver.

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