One, Two, KICK

At our 27-week OB appointment, we got an unexpected referral for another sonogram.  It was amazing to get to see THe little man again.

Apparently he was holding a tight, armadillo pose, which made it REALLY difficult for any 3D pics to turn out well. We got one, but it’s really hard to make anything out except part of his hand (covering his face again) and a bit of his nose.

Speaking of noses…check out my kid’s shnoz:

THe baby has his poppa’s nose…IMO.

The whole time the sonographer was sonographing(?), el babé was moving and kicking:

He’ll either play soccer or black belt in Karate.

He’s got a nice, strong heartbeat and has grown so much! He’s already 2.9 pounds (right on target for his age). And I’m growing right along with him: my fundus measured at 28 cm, which is well within a healthy growth range for 27 weeks–roughly your fundus measures in cm the same as your week in pregnancy, give or take a week or cm.

Getting to see THe baby made the events of the rest of the day–busted fuel line and subsequent 9-gallon fuel spill at the gas station, as well as the realization that we will be spending our furnace repair money on fixing the car–manageable.


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