Hello! And welcome home!

This is what we (Jason and I) were hearing, left and right, one year ago today. A few days before arriving home (Albuquerque) we had left Seoul, S. Korea out of Incheon International. I remember that I had mixed emotions.

If any of you read back to some of my more pessimistic blogs from 2010 and 2011, you’ll see that I wasn’t the most happy living in the foreign country. With cultural differences, as well as nearly constant uncomfortable feelings of being stared at by everyone and their grandmother, I was just so ready to come home.

On the plane that morning, as we lifted off, I did tear up though. There were, of course, things I was going to miss…things that I had actually gotten used to and even enjoyed about being there.

Nearly 15 hours later, we landed in LA and met the very first familiar (to me) faces in nearly two years. My awesome cousin and his awesome wife drove up from San Diego to retrieve us.

I was so glad to be in America, to be back amongst people who could relate easier to my cultural background, and to understand what people were saying all around me–well, this last part has its pros and cons.

My cousins put us up in a beautiful apartment for the night. Pamela shared her amazing cheeses with us and the next day we were on our way east.

From San Diego, we made our way through California to Las Vegas, where my best friend Susan put us up in her living room. I can’t tell you how great it was to not have to worry about hotels while we were driving home.

And the drive was pretty rough, I’ll tell ya. Try driving from San Diego, via Las Vegas, to Albuquerque almost nonstop while acclimating to the time change and going through the initial stages of jet lag. Not easy. I had to eat crunchy, fruit-flavored rice cakes constantly just to keep from dozing. The AC was blasting and the music was blaring.

In defense of Jason (who I’m sure all of you are wondering why he wasn’t sharing the drive time), he didn’t have a valid driver’s license at the time and he wasn’t really allowed to drive the rental, per the rental car place.

So, on August 1st, 2011, Jason and I pulled up to my parents house (my home until I moved to Korea). That was just an amazing feeling. I missed my family!

And in the year since? Well, we bought our house, got married, and are just ten short weeks from having our bouncing baby boy.

In celebration of 365 (366 since it’s a Leap Year?) of being back, we went here for lunch:

 Jason ordered their fish and chips, and I partook of their spicy mac and cheese. YUM.

Then, to celebrate further, we went to another local place, Quarters for dinner. I ordered a blackened catfish sandwich with green chili and cheddar (let’s just call it an Albuquerque Catfish Sandwich).

And so concludes another Preggo Girl’s WIAW (#6 for those who are counting).


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