30 Weeks, Three Days

I am a tad late in posting this week’s bi-weekly bump update. But I have good reasons… namely, we’ve been busy busy busy up in here.

But, here is the bump:

It’s been active and growing, stretching and doing all those things bumps (IE babies in utero) do at 30 weeks. But what is awesome about being 30 weeks, 3 days is that we’re now LESS than ten weeks to EDD. This rocks. Especially as I was in the single digits and teens for what seemed like forever. And it seemed like forever until THe little man would be making his debut. But now, things are getting all kinds of real up in here. In less than two and a half months, we’ll be parents. It’s a strange and exciting feeling. And with the impending arrival of THe little man, we have a ton left to do: paint, furnish, prepare the baby room. We also need to figure out how the heck cloth diapers work.

Today I can’t think of a second “down” for Two Ups, Two Downs, so I will do Three Ups and One Down today.

Three Ups

1. We had the baby shower on Saturday, and it was awesome (a BIG thanks to Deb for hosting!!)! Not everyone could make it, but I was pleased with the turn out and being that we really do have limited seating anyway, we had just enough chairs, couches, and blanket cushions for the people who did make it. And we really did score. We got both practical (bottle sanitizing kit, clothes, bedding, etc.) and fun (books, books, and awesome NFL gear courtesy of my brother–an avid Eagles fan) things.

One of our friends who wasn’t able to make it to the shower, sent us an awesome care package from a place called Citrus Lane.

Another of our friends gave us our first cloth diaper and while we’re excited to get more and use em, I think we’ll need a bit of a tutorial in actually putting it together (no helpful instructions on the package). Many members of our family are also helping us fund the baby furniture.

Jason’s brother and sister-in-law own a small chain of baby stores in Kentucky called Everything 4 Kids. Through them, we’re getting the crib, dressers, and travel gear. They’ve been generous enough to sell to us at wholesale, so we’re getting great deals. And our friends and family are able to help us pay for these items via their website. There’s no real registry for me, but here are the items we’re getting for THe baby.

Annabelle 4-In-1 Convertible Crib With Toddler Rail

Annabelle 6 Drawer Double Wide Dresser Espresso

Annabelle 6 Drawer Tall DresserChicco Cortina KeyFit 30 Travel System - Midori

2. I mentioned we’d been busy busy busy, and that’s because we’ve had visitors galore these last two weeks.

Last weekend, my bestie (since middle school…so for just about 20 years!) was in town and we had a nice (albeit short) visit. She and her mom gave us a beautiful baby blanket and matching beanie and booties for THe baby. They are even in the colors we’re planning on painting the room, which makes it even more special.

Then, this weekend, Jason’s buddy from high school came down from Tokyo via Boston (Albuquerque being the last leg of his extended vacation before heading back to Tokyo, Japan where he makes his home).

Garrett had never been to NM before, so we showed him some of the sights and a few of our favorite places to eat. We did kind of surprise him with the baby shower on Saturday, but I hope we made it up to him by taking him to a nice game of minor league baseball last night. The Albuquerque Isotopes didn’t win, but in the last two innings, they certainly gave the team from Tuscon a run for their money. Final score: 10-8.

3. On Friday morning, bright and early, I took myself over to Mark Pardo and had a wonderful prenatal massage. I had read and heard about prenatal massages before and really wanted one. Some recommend getting one as often as every week (uhm, those people are rich and have too much time on their hands) while others say once every month or so. As a treat, I got mine last weeks and as a result, have another set up for early September. It was A-maze-ing! They have this hydro-pillow contraption that allows me to lay on my back (not flat, there’s a cushioned wedge to take the pressure off my heart, which is a problem with laying flat) and also allowed Cindy (the masseuse) to avoid having to ask me to roll over at all. After an hour of awesome, I was feeling great (and a lot less bloated).

On a similar vein, Deb brought over some gift bags for the winners of the games at the baby shower, but we didn’t really have a game with a real winner, so the baggies were left unclaimed. Since new-mommy Nola was the last one to leave on Saturday, I gave one to her, and kept the other for myself. My bag had coconut infused bath salts (not the kind that leads to cannibalism), and I am going to be indulging myself with those today with a nice long soak.

*Plus one more* Nola told me about this organization a week or two ago and they had a crazy sale this weekend. I was able to score a few things that rocked: A space saver high chair like this one (brand new, never been opened) and an inflatable ducky baby bath like this one (again, brand new). I picked up a few other things, like baby spoons (you can never have too many), a fun rocket scoot-along toy, one of those road rugs to play with cars on, a puzzle mat for learning letters and numbers, and a super cute wooden train set for Christmas/Hanukkah time.

One Down

1. THe baby has sure been moving a ton, and with his increased movement comes my increased discomfort and insomnia. The other night was the worst, and it made for the longest night ever. Tossing and turning, multiple trips to the bathroom, and general soreness abounded as I tried desperately to sleep. Of course this was the night before the baby shower, so I wasn’t as “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” as I could/should have been. Things seem to have calmed a bit, for now, and perhaps will for the duration…I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

**Question: How was your weekend?**