Drum Roll…

This is the blog where I share with you our baby’s name. Only a handful of people know it, and now we’ve decided to release that information to the rest of the world…save the doctors and nurses at the hospital and the person who does the birth certificate (we’ll let them in on it a little later).

When deciding on the right name, we had “the right name” all picked out for a little girl. And while our lips are going to remained sealed on that, lest we end up with a baby girl in the future, I will say that it is a family name, coupled with a well-matched power name. According to Jason, power names have X’s and/or R’s in them.

The name for the boy was a lot more difficult. We had a great name… for three years. But when it came down to crunch time, we had to pass on it because of my family’s tradition of only naming our babies after relatives who’ve passed away (if we were going to name them after relatives, that is). The name we had chosen was much too close to my mother’s.

So we toyed around with some other names like Xavier, and some others that have now been lost to me.

The name we settled on? Tucker. As in:

This is one of Jason’s dream cars. He has a model of it an everything. We also found the Hot Wheels version at the toy show a few weeks ago.



Some of you may have noticed that I address the baby as THe baby. This is because I’m being clever. His first name is Tucker, and his middle name is Henry.

NOT as in this guy:

(although we tossed around the idea of naming him Tucker Henry J … Henry J is another car!)


He’s actually named for this guy:


He’s my grandmother’s brother and my mother’s favorite uncle. Since Jason didn’t want to name our boy after himself which is a tradition in his own family–his father, brother, and nephew are all Christopher, and many of my family’s names have been taken: Benjamin Jerome (my cousin) is named after our great-grandfather and our grandfather respectively, and my brother’s Hebrew name is Moshe (again for our grandfather).

This leads us into the Hebrew name… which we’re still not 100% on. Mainly because I find cool names in different resources, but not the SAME cool names… which makes me wonder about the validity of all of the resources. So far, we like Oz (עוֹז) which means “strength.”

And we like it ’cause of this:


**Question: How’d you come up with your baby’s name(s)?**


7 thoughts on “Drum Roll…”

    1. Then you guys have the second Henry we know! Jason’s buddy’s little boy is also Henry. We felt weird at first, but it’s what I would have had as my middle name had I been a boy, so we’re happy to finally get the chance to use it. 🙂

  1. For Tyson he was almost born without a name cause we couldn’t decide but an old friend suggested it and we liked it. Lilly is named after my Grandma Lillian who passed away when I was a kid and Elizabeth was a name we both liked.

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