Preggo Girl’s WIAW #8

After yesterday’s allergy assault, I was surprised that I had been able to sleep as well as I did. Aside from my now regular bouts of tossing and turning, I had a kicky, hiccupy baby to tend with, as well as a nose that would just not turn off. But, sleep I did. I credit the odd dreams I had which were brought on by both the condition of my nasal passages as well as the fact I spent a good portion of my evening leveling my blood elf. (The things we do for love…)

Oddly, at some point in the early AM I found a good position on my right side, something unheard of on account of my worsening carpal tunnel. So my sleep was comfortable despite everything.

Work was the verb of the day, as I had three proofs to get through, but I was able to pull together some nosh to tide me over while I plodded through.

This week’s WIAW focuses on what I ate while working. 

Since I haven’t done any belly pics in a while, I thought I would include one here. Appropriately, I’m wearing my Dr. WhoAre you my mummy” t-shirt. The braces are for the afore-mentioned carpal tunnel.

I have to comment on my choice of sandwich. It’s NOT a pregnancy thing. I actually love cheddar and mustard sandwiches, regardless of being pregnant. They’re so darn good!


2 thoughts on “Preggo Girl’s WIAW #8”

    1. It’s how my husband and I communicated before I moved out to Korea in 2009. I don’t play very often, and my main character is a Night Elf Hunter. 😉

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