34 Weeks–1.5 more months

In less than six weeks (supposedly) our little man will be here.

As you can see, he’s pretty much ready to be here… or I am ready for him to be here.

A little black & white for that retro feel.

And in true geek-chic fashion, I was sporting my Doctor Who shirt. Technically it’s Jason’s, but it makes more sense if I’m wearing it.

Yes, yes I am your mummy.

We just got back from our favorite baby store, an awesome used/consignment clothing and baby gear shop a few blocks down the road from us, and I’m excited to report that we FINALLY got a bassinet! Pictures are yet to come… I want to wash the fabric first. But the plan is to have Tucker in the bassinet in our bedroom with us for a while, especially for the first few months.

Two Ups, Two Downs

Two Ups

1. All the baby furniture has been bought and paid for. Now we’re playing the waiting game for the last piece to come in and everything to be shipped out from Kentucky. Fingers crossed it only takes two weeks.

2. We’ve decided to make the über investment and go the cloth diaper route. We decided on this brand to start with. The starter kit comes with a toilet attachment for easy rinsing. So helpful. Of course, I’ll be breastfeeding and according to the pros, breastfed babies’ cloth diapers don’t necessarily need to be rinsed. Just toss into the machine. We’ll see.

Two Downs

1. Carpal tunnel has taken another finger hostage. Now, my thumb, index finger, and middle finger are all enduring some degree of numbness. The doc says that there’s really nothing to be done… except deliver the baby. I just need to be careful when holding things so I don’t spill hot coffee/tea on myself or drop a plate.

2. I’ve been enjoying the hot hot summer. This means super swollen ankles and feet. Read: sarcasm.


3 responses to “34 Weeks–1.5 more months

  1. Congratulations on making it this far in your pregnancy. As the momma to two little ones, there is something reassuring about reaching the last six weeks: knowing that at anytime you can have a baby, but that he is old enough to survive on his own. Best wishes on your continued journey!

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