Chuggin’ Along

We are now at that point where visiting the OB is an every week event. After my first internal exam since week 10, I’m actually happy to report that we are not ready at all. Tucker is by no means ready, and apparently, neither is my cervix. While the doc says the Tuckleberry would be just fine if he were born today, a week-long stint in the NICU would be likely. So everyone is just fine with him chillin’ out and continuing to bake. Although I would really like to have the feeling back in my fingers (numbness is not just in the tips anymore, sadly).

After the visit this morning, we stopped by the birthing center’s admission’s desk to early-register. When we’d gone on the hospital tour, we were told we could register early, but I was still in my second trimester and didn’t think we could do so THAT early. Apparently we could have. So as of today, the hospital has all my information, as well as signed medical releases for myself and Tucker.

And in the spirit of being prepared, I called our insurance broker (left a message) so we could get the ball rolling on getting Tucker his own insurance. He will be on the same plan I have for his first 30 days, then we (Tucker and I) will go back onto Jason’s. It’s a big process, but it’s the only way we can get maternity coverage in our state. I know some states have nothing for individual policy holders, and we’re lucky that New Mexico has this program. Barring any complications, delivering a baby the old-fashioned way is about $3K (if I wanted an epidural it goes up $650) and a C-section is about $5K. Extra meds, the necessity of induction, or any complications and we could be looking at well over $30K. With my insurance now, I am about half way to my out-of-pocket limit, at which point they pay 100%. So, for now, we’re sitting pretty with a $670 baby. This is the estimate we got when we registered. I had lab work done today, so that number will be lower by the time we’re actually billed.

The other thing I need to get in order is more of the legal stuff. We don’t have a lawyer, but we do need to figure out guardianship for Tucker should something devastating happen to Jason and me. We haven’t really talked a whole lot about it, but it’s something we’ve touched on. It’s also something we should figure out ASAP. This also means I need to contact our life insurance broker and ask about beneficiaries if both Jason and I pass at the same time. Very morbid to think about, I know, but it’s got to be done.

On a more cheerful note, we get to have a complimentary photo session with the baby once he’s here. So we’ll have his very first professional photos before he’s 48 hours old. This is something our hospital offers which is pretty cool. Way better than one of those t-shirts that says something like: I went through labor for 30 hours and all I got was this t-shirt (and a baby).


7 thoughts on “Chuggin’ Along”

  1. Almost done! Yay! I personally don’t recommend an epidural, too many problems. I am looking foward to seeing your family pictures!

  2. I’m looking forward to the photo shoot too, but you only get one free shot! They give you a teaser hoping you’ll purchase more. With Chris being a photographer, I’ll just take my one free. And I’m right there with you on insurance. Thankfully I will have met my out of pocket by delivery day! I’m excited to not have a medical bill when I leave the hospital.

    1. Yeah, the whole professional photography thing is a bit of a scam IMO. The package we got for our wedding included the engagement session… not the pictures (which we realized after we’d ordered a few things), just the session… arg. I think it came with the untouched photos on CD come to think of it. So expensive. Your’re lucky to have your own personal photographer!

    1. It’s true. Although my health insurance broker said we can’t really do much until the baby is actually here… they need his birth-date for the paperwork… this reminds me that I need to ask if they would need him to have his SS# right away…. sheesh.

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