Isn’t This Just Swell?

When a woman becomes pregnant, there are certain things she expects: morning sickness, swollen feet, growing belly, achy back. Some women “glow” while others are cursed with wretched skin (dry skin becomes oily, or oily skin goes dry, or even worse: dry gets dryer/oily gets oilier) and breakouts. Some women get splotches on their face, and others grow hair where they wish they wouldn’t. These are the unexpected…ailments of pregnancy.

For me, I’ve had some doozies. One that I keep talking about here is the carpal tunnel. Because of the more localized swelling in my right arm, wrist, and hand, there is an increased amount of pressure on my nerves. This has resulted in irritating finger numbness in my thumb (at first) and my second two fingers. I was looking at and comparing my two hands the day before last. My right hand is about 1.5 times bigger than my left. Not that my left hand has escaped any sort of swelling though. I had to take off my rings months ago, and even my husband’s wedding band is now about the right size. Thankfully, it’s not quite so small as to fit me.

And we all expected my feet and ankles to swell, and while I’ve seen and heard of other poor women having exceptionally swollen lower limbs, they seem to be able to alleviate the swelling a whole lot better than I can. My feet have moments of decreased swelling, but days and days where they are puffier than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  And even when they are less swollen than what has become the norm for me, flexing my feet seems to pull some nerve/ligament on the side of my heel on either foot, and pointing really bothers the nerves/ligaments enveloping my big toe on my left foot.

I got stretch marks mid-second trimester and the lovely, though not as spectacularly pronounced as I’ve seen in pictures, linea nigra around about month 5 (or so… I don’t really recall when, I just know it’s been there a long time).

Probably the weirdest and most unexpected ailment of this pregnancy has been my swollen uvula. You know, that teardrop-shaped bit of skin in the back of your throat. It’s longer and fatter than it’s ever been; even through strep throat and tonsillitis. When I drink, it drags along the back of my mouth where my tongue and throat meet. It’s the oddest sensation. It also makes for heightened gag reflexes.

**Question: What odd, unexpected things did/have/are you experienced/experiencing in your pregnancy(ies)?**


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