Flashback_April 2012

Jason and I had our wedding in April. We’re big on memorable (or remember-able) dates, so we had chosen 4.8.12 as our wedding date. We selected this date back in 2011, pretty soon after we were engaged. We were also in Korea at the time, and as such, had no idea that April 8th was Easter.

Of course, this didn’t matter to us because we were planning a non-denominational wedding with a smattering of Jewish influence. What did matter, though, was Easter usually falls smack in the middle of Passover. Passover means matzoh and no leavening. Oops. Our wedding cakes were loaded with leavening. As were the rolls that went with the luncheon. My mother and other Jewish family members were troopers and forewent that bit of tradition for us that day.

But, the day went well and everyone was beautiful. At the end of the day, it was just me and Jason, my hair full of bobby pins, a cart full of wedding gifts, and happy memories.

Bubbles and Kisses


A Toast

Dancin’ With My Momma

We just got our wedding album finished and in our hot little hands on Friday. Yes, it did take that long. I’m not over the moon about it, but it’s nice to have everything (but the credit card) done that relates to the wedding. Yesterday I spent a good 4+ hours uploading them all to our photo site. I also added the retouched album photos to Facebook.


4 responses to “Flashback_April 2012

  1. Your wedding looked beautiful. And now I feel bad for not being more proactive about getting my wedding album completed. We just got married in February though, so I still have time. Right? I still have time?

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