Week 38 = Bi-annual McDonalds Visit

So, ever since Micky D’s brought back their monopoly game and shows their evil chicken nuggets on my 55 inch television, I’ve been hankering for some.

Jason and I had an impromptu OB visit this afternoon, after which we headed back to our neck of the woods and the MacDo that is to be found there. The last time we even went to McDonald’s was probably just after I learned I was preggers, back in February. So, it was time. Of course now I’m kicking myself, but sometimes you just have to give into those cravings. Even at 38 weeks when you’re not supposed to have cravings anymore.

For fun; A list of things I craved while pregnant:

Grape flavored anything (especially bubble yum)

Chicken nuggets

MEXICAN FOOD (including but not limited to gallons of salsa)

Super sharp cheddar

Rice crackers

Soy nuts

Coconut water


And for that holy moly moment:



4 responses to “Week 38 = Bi-annual McDonalds Visit

    • I should have tossed in Korean food as well, but the hubby and I both crave that on account of our having lived there until last year. 😉

    • We know a ton of people with October birthdays. My husband’s grandfather’s birthday was the 5th, my uncle on the 7th, my step-dad on the 15th, plus other extended family later in the month. Doc told us yesterday that it will be the 16th at the very latest. 😉

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