Sweet Tuckleberry

I had planned on posting a nice long blog about the DIY project that was the baby room. However, before I could insert the many pictures, guess what happened?

Water broke!

So on Thursday afternoon, Jason and I headed to our doc and subsequent to that were admitted to the Labor & Delivery department of the hospital.

Mere moments after feeling the water break, I discovered a greenish tinge to it, so the emergency call to the doc was made and within the hour I was having 30-40 second contractions every 2.5-3 minutes!

At 4:30 my doc checked me out at 3cm.

By the time I had the on call OB in the hospital check me, about an hour later, I was 5-6 cm. I labored in the bed and in the tub. After vomiting and a series of coughing fits which resulted in more vomiting, it had been nearly 12 hours and still no baby.

At the 12 hour mark, I was fully dilated, but at 0 station. Baby wasn’t going to be traveling through the normal route to get to us. With each attempted push, his heart rate declined, and so we all agreed that a c-section would be the way to go.

I’m not that upset about needing to go that route. I had wanted a regular, vaginal delivery, but my baby getting delivered safely was more important.

After the whole thing (which I was awake for), our OB said that he was actually positioned in such a precarious way, that vaginal delivery was pretty much off the table anyway. We had made the right choice.

Tucker’s 1st day

Unfortunately, with that green tinge to my broken water, came the reality that Tucker had already had his first poo, and as a result, inadvertently ingested some of it. This meant that he wouldn’t be spending his first nights in my room, but in the NICU.

Tucker’s 2nd day


It has been a big trial for us. I’ve been working on using a breast pump the last two days (they all kind of merge together here). I am happy to report that we were able to get a good latch this afternoon. All of his wires had been taken away over the course of the evening, and this morning, his doctor said I could try nursing him. He latched for a solid 4-5 minutes. Formula was given after that so he could eat some real food since my milk hasn’t come in yet.

Tucker’s 3rd day

So, today he’s off the O2, IV, and antibiotics. We’re just waiting to get the OK from his doc that we can take him home with us tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


12 responses to “Sweet Tuckleberry

  1. I guess you didn’t have a delivery quite like your mom. most people don’t. Babies have a way of getting here, no matter what! Glad everyone is safe. Enjoy your little bundle.

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