End of the Tunnel

**Editor’s note: I wrote this on the 10th and 11th, before going into labor and having my son.**

No pun intended… but we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re just hoping baby Tucker sees it soon, too!

I wanted to post one final belly pic, on account of my  not having posted one in about 5 weeks! Oops! It’s just been too dang hot that by the time we get home from the weekly OB appointments, I’m only halfway down the hall before I am peeling off the “leaving the house clothes” and getting back into my PJs. Working from home has some serious perks, let me tell ya.

I’ll post a side-by-side of the last two belly picks. It’s insane how much of a difference 5 weeks makes! When I was posting every other week, I really had a hard time seeing a big difference. And I definitely didn’t feel like I was growing; even though I could SEE it when I looked down and the OB would measure my fundus at a centimeter ahead of my week for nearly all our visits.

35 Weeks

40 Weeks

In those five weeks, we’ve been busy busy. I already shared our crib-building adventure. But afterward, Jason proceeded to paint the baby room. We’d decided on the color scheme months ago. We wanted a two-tone room. It would also be the very first room to be painted in our “new” house. Yes, we’ve been here eleven months and have only just painted a single room. But we had good reason: wedding, pregnancy…

We found all our paint and supplies at the Home Depot. Our colors: Millstream & Minted Lemon. The furniture was purchased with the help of many of our friends and family via my in-law’s store. We chose the Annabelle collection in espresso. The only pieces that weren’t bought from their store were the rocking chair (a yard sale find) and the freshly painted (in Minted Lemon) armoire we brought back from Seoul.

When Jason was in college, he worked for a time as an assistant painter. This, combined with the fact that we’re both a little OCD, made him an amazing baby-room painter. His precision with the paint brush allowed us to save on unnecessary painting tools like edgers. He did it all by eye.

The room was finished a week or so ago, and this past weekend we moved on to the final item for the baby room. The armoire. I was excited because I really felt I could help… help by painting the knobs and feet. But, in the end, I was wiping off green paint and watching Jason do a much better job. Maybe he’ll let me paint larger things like the walls with a paint roller when we get to our multi-tonal living room sometime early next year.

The rug, Radio Flyer rocket, and wooden educational toy were all purchased second-hand. The rug and rocket were bought from this local organization and the wood toy was bought (after a bit of haggling) at a yard sale. The baby bouncer was a gift from my cousin and his wife (don’t you love how it works with the color scheme?). Our bedding is from Babies R Us and was given to us by my aunt and uncle and their family at the baby shower (it was a registry item). We used a 15% off coupon from Babies R Us to get a few other things off the registry: the lamp and changing pad cover that matches the bedding, as well as the Twilight Turtle and a cute pack of swaddling blankets (to be showcased on the baby in our next post!

The only thing we had left to do in the room was stock the drawers with all the fun clothes we’ve been given and have bought over the last several months. The longer dresser is diaper central, and contains things like wipes and diapers, receiving and swaddling blankets, as well as toys and pacifiers the baby won’t get to use for a while. Since the closet is chock full of stuffed animals, the armoire is home to all the little button down shirts and overalls we’ve collected. It will probably function as storage for off season clothing.


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