Today, being a Tuesday, is randomly Tuckerday.

Tucker digs crustaceans

It was an eventful day in the W– household:

Tucker had his second well-baby visit with his pediatrician, Dr. O. In the week since his last visit, little man has packed on a whopping twelve ounces! He has also gained just over an inch in length. The good news for us: if Tucker so chooses to sleep more than three hours–say 4 or even 5–Doc says he’s OK’d to do so. Previously, we’d been waking him up to eat at the three-hour mark. Since he’s gaining weight just fine, we don’t need to enforce that 3-hour time limit. This will help in the sleep department for Mom and Dad as well!

After the doctor, we all trekked across the river to make a quick visit to our insurance broker. Jason and I needed to sign paperwork to ensure Tucker had coverage; not only for the first 31 days (on my plan), but for every day there after (on Jason’s plan). We also got the paper work to put me back onto Jason’s plan at the end of the year so I could remain with my current OB for the postpartum visits.

From there, we made our way back to our side of town; beyond it actually. We had to drive over to Rio Rancho to get Tucker’s 3rd round of blood screening lab work done. Poor little guy got a prick in his heel and, all things considered, was a real champ about it. He only cried because the lab tech needed to hold and squeeze his foot. When she finished, he was fine again. The poke itself didn’t phase him in the least.

And the last stop on our Tuckerday outing was a visit to our neighborhood CVS to pick up a few baby essentials: Bigger diapers since our boy is growing like a weed, more pacifiers so we have … more, and a few other things that we weren’t able to grab because Tucker decided he was done before we were. Jason stayed in the store and picked up a few additional things for us, but the other baby items weren’t bought since CVS didn’t seem to have them anyway. Tucker and I retreated to the car for some cuddling time while we waited for Jason to finish and take us home.

After dinner, Tucker went down for a nap, most of which I was able to join him for (on account of us not getting much sleep last night). He’s still sleepin’ away, nearly 3.5 hours later.

**Question: What did you do today?**


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